Project Reporting Software

Gain real-time insights into your processes with our project reporting tools purpose-built for project management teams.

Real-Time Data with BI Reports and Dashboards

Utilize BI-powered project management reports and dashboards for real-time performance insights.

  • Tailor reports to align with your needs and goals
  • Drilldown, create connected data sets, and filter information in real-time
  • Empower C-level with BI for the most important real-time KPIs.

Executive Summary Report

Efficiently track projects, save time, and keep managers and PMOs informed with instant insights on:

  • Incomplete project details
  • Baseline adherence
  • Schedule and budget discrepancies
  • Portfolio well-being
  • Prioritization recommendations based on value and risk estimates

Full Visibility into Projects

Easily monitor and track the progress of your projects with the Easy Projects reporting software. Ensure you have a clear view of project status, timelines, and key performance metrics.

  • Align project activities with needs using the scorecard to measure KPIs
  • Monitor progress with project status reports for portfolio insights
  • Track performance with filterable schedules in performance reports

Flexibility through Custom Report Generator

Create personalized project management reports to include only the data you need.

  • Design custom tables, charts, and metrics to showcase the most relevant information
  • Take full control over report content, from date ranges to visual appearance, by selecting data sources
  • Easily export native project reports in PDF or Excel formats and choose your preferred format for convenient sharing and printing
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