Project and Portfolio Management

Power up your teams with Easy Projects by Birdview - comprehensive project and portfolio management software to efficiently handle projects, tasks, resources, timelines, and budgets with ease.

Effortless Project Planning

Streamline your project planning process with the Easy Projects efficient project management tools.

  • Create a project in 3 clicks with premade or AI-generated project plans
  • Automate repetitive work and boost productivity using custom templates
  • Eliminate double data entry by using our import/export functionality and exiting integrations

Streamlined Business Processes

Unlock greater efficiency and productivity by optimizing your business processes with project management tools designed to streamline workflows, and boost overall performance.

  • Project Intake: Simplify and automate the project intake process using custom request forms
  • Quick Approvals: Let teams request approvals in tasks to speed up project progress
  • Guest Portal: Share project progress with clients and stakeholders to keep everyone informed

Organized Project Portfolios

Achieve your company's strategic vision using the Easy Projects purpose-built project portfolio management software.

  • Defining Priorities: Organize projects into distinct portfolios to streamline resource and budget allocation, facilitate in-depth analysis, and concurrently define priorities
  • Risk Mitigation: Gain instant high-level project insights to identify and mitigate potential delays, resource overloading and underutilization, downtimes, budget overruns, and other major risks

Customizable Business Environment

Tailor your business environment to match your unique needs with Easy Projects’ customization project management tools.

  • Customize your project views effortlessly to best fit your team (Table, Gantt Chart, Kanban, Calendar Views)
  • Tailor your workflows for every project stage and enjoy limitless customization options with properties, fields, roles, and drag-and-drop views
  • Create custom data and formula fields to gather important data across different projects and tasks
  • Customize roles, manage permissions, and control data access for enhanced security
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