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Managing projects with Excel or emails?

There is a better way...

Replace the mess of spreadsheets, emails and whiteboards with a simple workspace for everyone to collaborate together

An easy-to-use Online Project Management Platform, best suited for:

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Everything you need to manage projects successfully

Easy Projects helps Project Managers quickly create schedules, and receive real-time progress and status updates

Forget the cluttered spreadsheets and do your best with the power of web-based project management software.

Learn how liberating it can feel when:

  • You know what everyone is working on at any given time
  • It takes seconds to update an entire project schedule
  • All project history is in one place
Project Calendar View

The pulse of your business, accessible from anywhere 24/7

Project Calendar View

Easy Projects provides executives a view of a project’s entire health, as well as plan projects and resources ahead

What if you didn't need to go through dozens of meaningless reports to get the best view of the big picture?

Imagine all the time you could save with a project management system that avails you to:

  • See all problem spots at a glance
  • Easily track project profitability and schedule
  • Quickly determine who is available to take on a new project

An informed client is a happy client

Easy Projects helps clients and stakeholders to collaborate with the team and get timely updates on their progress

Make your clients and stakeholders a part of your team and make it easy for them to contribute

Here is what your clients will be able to do online:

  • Receive up-to-date progress updates
  • Approve changes
  • Submit new requests or issues
Project Calendar View

Finally, a project management tool that actually saves time

Project Calendar View

Easy Projects enables employees to see their to-do lists, track time and report progress from a single easy-to-use page

Your team doesn't need yet another distraction. Instead, they need a product that helps them get their job done

Here is how your team can be more productive:

  • Everyone knows their prioritized list of assignments
  • All project files and documentation kept in one place
  • Email notifications are sent for upcoming deadlines and events

Indispensable tools and possibilities, at your disposal

Executive Dashboard, Interactive Gantt Chart, Resource Loading Report, Project Portfolios, Project Calendar, Time Tracking, Project Planning, Human Resources Planning, Team Collaboration, Create Custom Forms – and many, many more…

Executive Dashboard

Get a bird's-eye view at your organization spotting all problems at a glance with our project management software

Learn more

Interactive Gantt Chart

See and manage your entire team schedule

Learn more

Resource Loading Report

Find out who is overloaded or available next month or next quarter

Learn more

Project Portfolios

Portfolios are a handy way to group projects, which is especially true when their number has grown into hundreds.

Learn more

Project Calendar

Calendars help us get organized and stay that way like no other project planning tool.

Learn more

Time Tracking

Easy Projects can track team's time. Using Easy Projects built-in timer you can enter time logs and produce time sheets with ease.

Learn more

New and Exciting Tools & Resources

FREE Project Management eBook

"Project Management Can Be Easy": guide for accidental project managers

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Custom forms

Create CRM, Client Requests, Risk Register, and other modules

Learn more

Integration with MS Outlook

Learn how you can track your tasks and projects from MS Outlook

Learn more

With Easy Projects we were able to better plan our projects, evaluate availability of our human resources, and have control over the whole execution process. As a result, we have increased our efficiency and profitability!

Inese Andersone, Client Services Manager, Gateway Baltic

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Easy Projects has been an easy decision for us. We're spending a quarter of the time and money we needed to invest in our prior systems and we're seeing twice the results.

Aaron Hamilton,
Director of Information Technologies National Underwriter Company

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