Project Team Collaboration Software

Enhance team and client collaboration seamlessly with the Easy Projects collaboration tools.

  • Share files, engage in real-time discussions, and offer immediate feedback
  • Speed up the approval process for swift project progress

Effortless Communication

Easy Projects offers powerful project collaboration software to enhance team interaction and boost productivity.

  • Comment and tag colleagues directly on projects and tasks.
  • Receive email notifications for platform messages and reply directly via email
  • Attach files at both the project and task level
  • Add images or document attachments to your messages and monitor versions through the embedded audit trail

Enhanced Workplace Collaboration

Maximize team collaboration and productivity with our project management collaboration tools:

  • Streamline project approvals and ensure seamless project progress using Approval Workflows
  • Image annotations let teams mark and comment on images within project contexts, enhancing collaboration and saving time for creative teams

Collaboration for Everyone's Participation

Involve executives, clients, and stakeholders with a free Guest Portal for transparent project updates:

  • Share project progress within a single platform, enabling clients to evaluate results conveniently
  • Keep all stakeholders informed with clear, up-to-date project statuses, providing guest user licenses for free

AI-Powered Communication

Elevate communication and productivity using the AI Assistant built into our project collaboration software.

  • Speed up message creation and improve writing
  • Eliminate errors using spelling and grammar check
  • Optimize internal conversations with the Summary, Lists, and Tone of Voice functionalities
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