Project and Work Management Platform
for Enterprise Teams

Align Projects, Processes, Resources and Work Across
Your Entire Team and Organization

Enterprise Teams and PMOs
Choose Easy Projects to:

  • Manage multiple strategic initiatives, programs and ad-hoc projects
  • Enable real-time capacity and resource planning
  • Gain visibility into all resources and efforts
  • Instill accountability across all teams and departments
“After using several PM systems over the years, Easy Projects has proven to be the easiest to use. It is the best for tracking jobs, scheduling and time tracking tools. It has the best dashboard customization tools, and reporting. “

Penn Medicine

Enterprise-grade PPM Platform Featuring

  • Portfolio management
  • Interactive executive dashboard, reporting and analytics
  • Work planning, prioritization and task management
  • Resource management, allocation and capacity planning
  • In-context collaboration within projects and tasks
  • File and document sharing and management
  • Anywhere, anytime access through the cloud and mobile apps


Data encrypted in-transit and at rest. Our data center is ISO 27007, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2, FedRamp and UK G-Cloud certified. Data residency available in 34 regions around the world. We’re proud to say that many tech vendors have executed security and penetration testing on our platform — and Easy Projects passed with flying colours.

Flexible Deployment Options

One of the only Enterprise Project Management Vendors that has the flexibility to deploy on your terms: Public Cloud SaaS, your network or datacenter.


Share project data, information and files with over
1000 software platforms and tools — out of the box.
Integrate with Gmail, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, Outlook,
Marketing Automation and other CRM platforms.

Plus, leverage our field-proven API for your specific integration needs.







MS Project






Best in Class Onboarding and Technical Support

We provide a dedicated Easy Projects Success Coach to help you drive your on-boarding, adoption and change management.

And Other “Must-Haves” for Enterprises

Single Sign On

Employees can use their current network credentials to access Easy Projects, thus don’t have to remember ‘yet another password’. Reduces the administrative burden too by enabling enterprises to manage users from a single, central directory.

Audit Logs

Have a record of Who-Did-What-When for all projects and tasks. Provides admins and leaders with a detailed list of activities for all projects and tasks.

Role Based Access Control

Need to separate the privileges for different types of users (ie. Contributors, Leaders, Project Managers, etc). Done. Grant unique permissions to roles and individuals within Easy Projects.

Flexible and no-code

Map to your exact need and workflows via extensive configuration and personalization options. Integrate to other business systems via our field-tested robust API or leading Cloud Connectivity platforms like Zapier.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage the data in Easy Projects with our
30 standard reports or create your own reports to your specific needs. Use the Dashboard to find more Actionable Insights.

Team Management

Centrally manage and administer all your users through invites, profiles, permissions, even single sign-on. Let users self-manage if you like. Best of all, users have a personalized experience for the work specific and relevant to them (not necessarily the whole organization or group).

“Easy Projects has been an easy decision for us. We’re spending a quarter of the time and money we needed to invest in our prior systems and we’re seeing twice the results. “

National Underwriter company

So what’s holding you back? Start today!