Option 1: Your account is hosted by Easy Projects (SaaS)

Option 2: Easy Projects is installed on your server (In-house licenses)

Server hardware:
CPU: Intel Pentium-4 2 GHz or above with at least 4 cores
RAM: A minimum of 8 GB (16+ GB depending on number of other applications running on the server)

Operating System:
Windows Server 2012

IIS 8 or higher

MS SQL Server 2014 or MS SQL Server 2014 Express (Free version of Microsoft SQL Server) or greater.

If moving from an online trial to in-house, your local SQL server version will need to match our current version – if not then you will need to update your SQL version. Downgrading to earlier format may be possible, as a custom job, and contact support if you need more info.

Other software requirements:
.NET Framework 4.7

To access your Easy Projects Web site, no additional software is required on your computer, just your web browser (MS Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Latest Chrome or Firefox PC/Mac).

Please note that “Full Trust” .NET environment is required to run Easy Projects on a shared hosting.