Project Management Software for Engineering Companies

Easy Projects helps engineering teams achieve measurable success and grow
faster, while also improving their bottom line. Our engineering clients report
a 10% increase in revenue, a 15% in profits, and a 20% decrease in employee stress.

Project Management Software for Engineering Companies

Effective Resource Management

Find out who is available to take on a new project. Who is overloaded? When can we start a new project? Who is on vacation next month? Easy Projects has the answers.

Having answers to these questions will not only increase your profitability, but it will also help you reduce employee stress thanks to better workload planning. Easy Projects clients report 20% decrease in employee stress.

Effective Resource Management
Daily operations Reports
Daily operations Reports
ResourceLoading Reports

Intelligence Reports for Engineering Teams

A set of custom BI reports and dashboards created with engineering teams in mind is available with the purchase of Easy Projects BI Analytics add-on:

  • Schedule Performance Dashboard
  • Labour Cost Performance Report
  • Project Profitability Report
  • Resource Capacity by Skill Report
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Project Prioritization Report
  • Utilization Report
  • And many more...


Integrate with 2,000+ of your favorite tools for even more effective management of your project portfolios. Have all data necessary for successful project completion conveniently grouped and accessed in the platform,
even if it wasn't originally created in Easy Projects.

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…In one year SES Consulting grew revenue by 10% increased profits by 15% and decreased employee stress by 20%

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