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New York Engineers

Team Function: Professional Services

New York Engineers operates nationwide and internationally offering mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) engineering services along with sprinkler- fire protection engineering, building commissioning and assessment services.

The Challenge

“We had no record of the time taken by engineers to complete projects and we could not update clients on the project progress. Excel and email conversations became too complicated in scenarios where engineers were working on projects with different rules or regulations than [the norm] i.e. buildings 100 ft or higher.”

Plan of Action

“When the UI of the PM tool we were using become too complicated and we could not assign and check company wide tasks, we realized that our engineers were spending more time working with the tool than focusing on their actual work.
So, our team spent one month researching and demoing various PM platforms. In the end it was the easy mobile application, the custom forms feature, excellent support, and the simple yet comprehensive interface that made Easy Projects our ideal PM Software.”


“With Easy Projects, we have achieved more than we even imagined. It helped us to achieve 99.9% on time-on quality project results and saved hundreds of man-hours spent on a rework of floor plans and MEP designs. The role administration option helps managers to assign and check workload on engineers whereas principals can focus on more important tasks, which is helping us to form a second line of leaders.”

The Results

  • Increased accountability
  • Over 600 weekly tasks created;
  • Doubled revenue since adopting Easy Projects;
  • One of the only MEP engineering firms where customers can check progress on projects (Guest Portal).

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Customer Success Stories