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New York Engineers Increased its Revenue by 50%


Lack of time tracking and client informing opportunities

  • The New York Engineers team had no record of the time taken by engineers to complete projects and could not update clients on the project progress. 

Complex project tracking when working on non-standard projects

  • Excel and email conversations became too complicated in scenarios where engineers were working on projects with different rules or regulations than [the norm] i.e. buildings 100 ft or higher.

Engineers are not focused on their primary work

  • When the UI of the PM tool used by the company became too complicated, and the team could not assign and check company-wide tasks, New York Engineers realized that their engineers were spending more time working with the tool than focusing on their actual work.


  • Business Intelligence

    To deliver more visibility into the New York Engineers projects, Easy Projects introduced its BI capabilities to help project managers and leaders to better interpret and analyze project data.

  • Time Tracking

    With the Easy Projects time tracking feature, New York Engineers can keep track of the projects’ timelines, time spent, and share progress with the stakeholders and customers.

  • Custom Forms

    The team needed a convenient and simple solution to automate their project intake. With custom forms and pre-made templates, New York Engineers can manage multiple project requests with ease.

  • Guest Portal

    New York Engineers is one of the only MEP engineering firms where customers can check progress on projects. With the free guest portal, managers can provide clients with up-to-date information


With Easy Projects, New York Engineers achieved 99.9% on time-on quality project results and saved hundreds of man-hours spent on a rework of floor plans and MEP designs. Thanks to the Easy Projects mobile apps, engineers can get and share updates on the projects’ progress on the go using their mobile devices. The role administration option helps managers to assign and check workload on engineers, whereas principals can focus on more important tasks, which helps the company to form a second line of leaders.

The most important outcome from Easy Projects is happier resources.

“Our team spent one-month researching and demoing various PM platforms. In the end, it was the easy mobile application, the custom forms feature, excellent support, and the simple yet comprehensive interface that made Easy Projects our ideal PM Software. The most important outcome from Easy Projects is happier resources. We can measure and award the quality of the work, which helps teams stay motivated as they feel their efforts are recognized and appreciated.”

Ravindra Ambegaonkar
Marketing Manager

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