Project Management
for Professional
Services Teams

Easy Projects is a professional services automation (PSA) software. It helps teams track progress, resources, timelines, budgets and profits for optimal performance.

Project Management Software for Professional Services Teams

Professional Services Automation Software

Easy Projects helps professional services organizations and teams be more efficient and grow faster:

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professional services teams

Real-time Visibility into Project Revenues and Profits

Always know the status of your work and projects. Get real-time information on progress, resources, timelines and budgets.

Utilize flexible billing by resource, job, hour or fixed costs. You get budget, cost variance, estimated profitability, work in progress, internal cost, and other metrics at your fingertips.

Real-time Visibility
Effective Resource Management

Effective Resource Management

Manage your team in the best way possible by assigning the right person for the job, everytime.

Find out who is available to take on a new project, who last worked on a similar task, and who is overloaded. When can we start a new project? Who is on vacation next month? With Easy Projects, you’ll have all the answers.

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Business Intelligence Project Reports

Financial Performance Reports

Using these reports and dashboards, executives can compare estimated and actual costs, review profitability and expected revenue.

Daily Operations Reports

An invaluable tool for executives striving to stay informed on all existing projects, these daily reports identify and display:

  • Projects with missing information
  • Schedule and budget variance
  • Portfolio health
  • Which projects should be prioritized based on the estimated value and risk
  • And much more...

Schedule Performance Reports

Gain insight to the schedule performance of your projects, activities and milestones. This is the perfect tool for identifying risks and trends.

Professional Services

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Accountability for Everyone on the Team

Know who did what and when with a detailed audit trail
log for all actions. No more lost emails, missed calls
or he said/she said. Get absolute clarity on assignments, progress and results.

Accountability for Everyone
Free Access to Your Clients

Free Access for Your Clients

Easy Project’s Guest Portal allows your clients to easily
see the status of their campaigns, provide feedback and approve results.

Collaboration for Local and Remote Teams

Easy Projects simplifies communication within teams whether they’re sitting in the same room or spread across continents. It’s a single collaborative workplace for all files, messages, notes and comments.



Integrate with 2,000+ of your favorite tools for even more effective management of your project portfolios. Have all data necessary for successful project completion conveniently grouped and accessed in the platform,
even if it wasn't originally created in Easy Projects.

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Managing Partner & CEO at Femida

Dmitri I. Dubograev


placeholder Alexandria, Virginia (USA)

…Once implemented, Easy Projects made a positive impact on the department’s workflow. Custom forms was one of the crucial features for the department helping save time and energy.
It is used to handle incoming requests from other departments within the university. It is now mandatory that all requests be sent through custom forms that were designed within Easy Projects.

the co-operations

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