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Life Care Services Increased Team’s Productivity by 100%


The project’s initiation stage took hours of phone meetings 

  • Given the number of people on the client’s project team, all of the initiation and communication was done via phone meetings. The meetings could have lasted hours and were time-consuming. 

Disruption of existing workflows due to the lack of process automation 

  • Each of the client’s multiple departments has detailed workflows that are constantly changing due to regulatory changes. These changes were disruptive to the existing workflows at the time.  

Project delays, do-overs, and added expenses 

  • Because of disruptions, teams used to overlook and miss essential milestones of a project, resulting in detrimental outcomes.


  • Workflow Automation

    Life Care Services chose Easy Projects as its go-to project management solution to streamline processes and create consistency in operations for its numerous teams.

  • Project Tracking

    Since Life Care Services operates across multiple departments, the company required visibility and clarity into its key projects to better track their progress and share data with team members for better collaboration.

  • Customization

    To speed up the project initiation stage and support the team’s daily project needs, Easy Projects introduced flexible custom templates aligned with the client’s goals and established work style.

  • Business Intelligence

    With the Easy Projects BI capabilities, Life Care Services’ teams gain greater visibility into their project data with a clear picture of projects’ current statuses and future progress. Also available in Birdview PSA.


Because of the gained visibility and the centralized nature of Easy Projects, Life Care Services monthly meetings now last 15 minutes, are sufficient for planning and allow decreasing the initiation and planning time. 

Every department can now rely on and use customized templates as consistent patterns to build new projects. Any changes made to the project plan can be made in real time and are available for the entire team. Thanks to automation, the planning process is now 90% quicker. Easy Projects also triggered notifications for potential disruptions that held team members accountable and ensured that the team never missed another milestone.

We’re 100% more productive since using Easy Projects!

We’ve completed twice as much work in the same amount of time compared to the previous year. We’re 100% more productive since using Easy Projects! Easy Projects keeps our team members accountable across multiple departments, virtually eliminating delays and ensuring that we never miss another milestone. The amount of time and effort that went into our projects compared to before is 40% quicker.”

Stacie Hayes

Community and Project Integration Manager

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