Personal To-Do List

This is the one-stop page for your employees. With its simple design, “My Assignments” ensures that your team can hit the ground running in no time.

Designed for Busy People

“My Assignments” is designed to minimize learning curve and give your employees all the information they need to do their job without any distractions. On this page people can see everything they are supposed to be working on as well as provide status update or quickly record time.

My Assignments - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Collaborate and Share Information.

“My Assignments” also allows users to access the entire message history and file repository for all tasks they are working on.

Share the newest developments with other team members. Let your project manager know how far along you are on your task. Raise issues, get help, and share files: all within a click or two away.

Messageboard - Project Management Software - Easy Projects
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