How Team Members
Use Easy Projects

Completing a project on time requires full transparency, organization and team member accountability.

Team Collaboration

Easy Projects makes working together simple and hassle-free. Teams that work well together
are more efficient, and much more productive.

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Collaboration leads
to efficiency and productivity

Team Messages

Easy Projects allows you to communicate at both the project or task level, keeping all your information in place and ensuring that it’s visible to all team members.

Image Annotations

With Image annotations team members can mark specific areas of an image by clicking on it and attaching notes.


Easy Projects has Approval Workflows which allow team members to request approvals on tasks or any attached files. A selected team member then receives a notification of the pending approval request - significantly speeding up the approval process.

Message Notifications

Notifications in project management software are the best way to keep everyone in the loop.

You can send a message by selecting who you would like to notify and hitting send.

Time Tracking

Tracking time on projects is essential for wages or billing, and Easy Projects makes
it simple and hassle-free.

Effortless Scheduling with Interactive Gantt Chart

Easy Entry

Each team member can choose his/her preferred time
tracking method, whether single entry, weekly submissions
or our built-in timer.

Effortless Scheduling with Interactive Gantt Chart

Time Reporting

Once you have your time logs submitted you can easily
generate essential reports, including: time-sheet reports,
billing reports for charging your clients and payroll reports
for calculating employee wages.

Your Personal To-Do List

The "My Assignments" page is a simple, no-nonsense way to review and manage your tasks.

Effortless Scheduling with Interactive Gantt Chart

'My Assignments' page
for Team Members

The 'My Assignments' page allows you to:

  • See activities assigned to you
  • Update an activity's status when work is complete
  • Look, Reply, or Post message
  • Track personal time
  • Create new activities
  • Download and upload files

Easy Projects for all involved

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