Easy Projects
for Executives

Executives are rarely involved in the day-to-day
operations of a company, but they do need
a high-level glance at project performance

Easy Projects is a Perfect Fit for Executives

Easy Projects helps executives stay informed by providing them with access to real-time performance metrics like budget, cost variance, project progress, internal costs, and many others, all at their fingertips

Effortless Scheduling with Interactive Gantt Chart

In-App Visual Reporting
for Executive

With Easy Projects, executives can view data and analytics for any project, task or activity with a simple click of a button.

Quickly create table, chart or metric reports and publish them directly to the dashboard.

Business Intelligence
Project Baseline Report

The Easy Projects Business Intelligence Report provides executives
with a real-time view of the company’s project management performance

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Business Intelligence
Project Reports

Financial Performance Reports

Using these reports and dashboards, executives can compare estimated and actual costs, review profitability and expected revenue.

Daily Operations Reports

An invaluable tool for executives striving to stay informed on all existing projects, these daily reports identify and display:

  • Projects with missing information
  • Schedule and budget variance
  • Portfolio health
  • Which projects should be prioritized based on the estimated value and risk
  • And much more...

Schedule Performance Reports

Gain insight to the schedule performance of your projects, activities and milestones. This is the perfect tool for identifying risks and trends.

Effortless Scheduling with Interactive Gantt Chart

Always in touch
with the team

Easy Projects makes working together simple and hassle-free. Better collaboration leads to stronger results.

  • Team Messages
  • Messaging
  • File Sharing
  • Image Annotations

Easy Projects for all involved

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