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One can argue that running a web-design agency is similar to other professional service businesses.
You need to constantly balance high quality of work, quick turnaround times and staying on budget.

More than 10 years ago we built Easy Projects to scratch our own itch: an easy-to-use tool
to manage our web-design and software development projects.

Here is how Easy Projects helped us and hundreds of clients in the web-design space…

However, there are few things
web design business is particularly
notorious for:

  • Constantly changing requirements and scope creep (“...just make this font a little bigger”)
  • Approval-intensive workflow involving both internal managers
    and clients
  • High stress for employees (multiple projects with tight deadlines)

Why Easy Projects?

Managing Change Requests and Scope Creep

Managing Change Requests and Scope Creep

Easy Projects Custom Forms let you create your own Change Request form, which is available to customers. Once submitted, it can be converted into a project or task.

A complete audit trail allows reporting on the number of requests, and time spent to ensure that every additional hour is billed for.

“I was totally impressed how easy it is in use and how it is designed... It made us decide in favor of Easy Projects instead of Microsoft Project…”

Image Annotations

With Image annotations team members can mark specific areas on the uploaded images and add comments for the rest of the team to review.

It’s an excellent collaboration tool for any creative team dealing with digital or printed assets. Being able to annotate images right where they’re located within the context of a project or task can be a great time saver!

Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Any team member can share a draft or a final deliverable and request an approval. One person or multiple people can be selected as approvers. It will work with both internal managers and customers. The approver can accept the deliverable or request more revisions.

This will work perfectly with mock-up images, website copy, interactive landing page wireframes, etc. All parties will have a complete history of all revisions in a single location.

Imagine how much time Easy Projects can save you compared to handing approval process through email or face-to-face meetings.

With just one click, any project
can be viewed as a Kanban Board

Get full, real-time visibility into every moving part of the IT project.
See who is working on which task and what stage of production each task is in at any given time.
The board is fully customizable and teams can select the view that best suits their step-by-step workflow.

Time Tracking
resource planning

Know Who is Available and When

Easy Projects resource loading reporting and simulation will help you answer questions like: “I need three developers, and one UI designer for a new project. Who is available in two months? When is the earliest we can start this project? If we start next week, how will it affect other projects that are already in progress?”

Having answers to these questions will not only increase your profitability, but will also help you reduce employee stress thanks to better workload planning. Easy Projects clients report 20% decrease in employee stress.

Full Implementation and Training

Full Implementation and Training

Paired with an experienced Easy Projects Success Coach, you and your team will be provided one-on-one assistance to configure your account, set up your first projects, to import and map your existing data, to train your team, and much more.



Share project data, information and files with over 1000 software platforms and tools — out of the box.

Integrate with Gmail, Jira, Salesforce, Slack, Outlook, Marketing platforms and much, much more.

Plus, leverage our field-proven API for your specific integration needs.

The three important criteria in choosing PM application for us were COST, FEATURES and Web Accessibility. I have narrowed down the choice to Easy Projects because of its cost and all the features that came with it. Easy Projects has met our needs in areas of Bugs, Request and Actual project control and it is accessible by web interface. I was totally impressed how easy it is in use and how it is designed.

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Sanford Health

“The key benefit of using Easy Projects in our company – now when we want to know how profitable a project was we run a report and when it is time to do billing it is all right there. This was a big problem to us before and billing to took forever.”

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