Project Management Guide

Completing a Project

Once your project is finished, there are a few things you need to do.

You must:

  • Pass off deliverables to your client
  • Send your client documents related to the project
  • Release your team to move on to other projects
  • Release equipment to be used for other projects
  • End any supplier or vendor contracts that relate to the project
  • Inform stakeholders of the project closure
  • File a post-mortem

A post mortem report is what you write after the completion of a project. The report doesn’t necessarily have to be written only if a project fails. It’s very rare for a project to go perfectly and a post-mortem report will allow you and your team to figure out how to make things better next time. The PMBOK method calls this part of the project as “Lessons Learned”. One of the best ways to get the information you need to write the report is to have a meeting with your team. Talk about:

  1. The goal of the project
  2. Present the outcomes
  3. Discuss Lessons Learned/Issues the team had
  4. Talk about solutions to solve the issues in the future
  5. Wrap Up: Thank everyone for their honest inputs

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