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Activity Center 101: Adding Projects, People, and Tasks!

Learn how to create projects, tasks and add assignees right from the Activity Center

Learn how to create projects and tasks using Activity Center

Learn how to add child tasks, issues or change requests to your parent activities

Watch this tutorial to learn how you can easily edit your activities using Activity Center

Learn how you can change hierachy or order of tasks using the drag'n'drop functionality of Activity Center.

Learn how to import your existing list of tasks, projects, timelogs, users or customers from Excel / CSV.

Filters allow you to surface the information that you care the most about in our project management software. Here's a one minute video going over how you can easily set up your own filters.

Activity Center: Managing Timeline and Schedule

Learn how to use the Gantt View to inspect, define and modify your project timelines with one click.

Learn how to create templates and use them to make new projects in the Activity Center.

Setting up dependencies ensures that your project schedule is always under control+ and that you don't start a task at the wrong time. Watch this short tutorial to find out how you can set them up in Easy Projects

Activity Center : Advanced Topics

Get instant team feedback on critical deliverables and decisions with the Approval Workflow.

Project portfolios allow for logical grouping of projects to help you stay organized. Here's a quick video that shows you how you can set them up in Easy Projects.

Activity Center not only allows for very quick creation of tasks, but also enables users to do bulk edits. See how you can do just that in this tutorial for our project management software!

With the introduction of Activity Center in version 9, we have really simplified the interface of our project management software. Watch this quick video to find out how our new icons help you find what you need in a matter of seconds!

We use a variety of colours in our project management software to convey important information to you. In addition, you can set up your own colours to suit your needs. Here's how!

Keeping an eye on your resources and who you can assign new tasks to is critical in project management. Our resource loading report allows you to both ensure you avoid bottlenecks, and also that your team is not being burn...

Here's a 3 minute video on how you can add users in Easy Projects' Project Management Software. We'll cover creation of users, and how you can manage permissions to limit access to only those who are involved.

Email notifications make it easy to know what is going on in your projects. Watch this short video and see how you can set them up in our project management software.

Learn about Easy Projects Financial Module: how you can track your revenue, profit, budgets and other key metrics. See how to approve time logs mark them as billed and much more...

Six Financial Metrics and KPI's for Successful Project Management

Working Outside the Activity Center

My Assignments page is a all-in-one page for your team members. Learn how to use it with this tutorial.

Calendars are the most fundamental tools in helping us become and stay organized. Learn how to use our Team Calendar.

One of the most popular features of our project management software is the time tracking module. You can easily record your time with the built-in timer, add time for the week, and more, just with the click of a few button...

Like the one in your car, the dashboard gives you access to critical project management information for effective decision making. It is a convenient way to monitor the most important aspects of your project in real-time.

Easily create comprehensive reports using the powerful report generator. Every custom report can be imported to the Dashboard as a custom widget to highlight critical project information.

To make interaction as easy as possible with our project management software, we have included an intuitive contextual menu that speeds up your workflow. Have a look here to learn how!

Access for Customers, Guests and other stakeholders

Easy Projects comes with unlimited free licenses for people who only need a basic level of access to your projects. This guest portal is ideal for external clients or stakeholders who need to keep tabs on your work, but should not have access to all the options Easy Projects offers. Watch this short tutorial to learn more!

Guest users are free accounts that come with Easy Projects' Project Management software that you can offer to clients, so that they can stay informed without having access to too many options. Watch this minute and a half tutorial to find out how you can create these users!

Custom Forms for Work request management and data capture

Our custom forms module enables you to collect virtually any form of information that you might need: change requests from your clients, resumes from job applications, contact information for clients and vendors and much more.

In this short tutorial+ we'll review how you can convert information you have collected through your custom forms into projects that you and your team can working on right away!

Convert form submissions into complete project plans in no time at all.

Customizing Easy Projects for your processes and workflow

Custom fields allow you to collect any kind of data that might be important for your projects, and customize your setup the way that suits your needs. Watch this video to learn how to set them up in less than a minute!

This tutorial covers some possible user roles in Easy Projects. There are many options available to fit your needs, like project manager and administrator, as well as the option to create your own user roles.

Integration with other Desktop and Cloud Apps

Learn about how you can use Microsoft Outlook to integrate with Easy Projects and manage your projects and assignments.

No programming required - just point and click to setup Apps to Zap info into Easy Projectrs and vise versa

Limitless ways to visualize your project data and add a higher level of decision making to your processes.

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