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Import from MS Project

If you have some projects created in MS Project, you can import whole project structure into Easy Projects .NET.
Just open Easy Projects .NET “Project List” page, click the “Import Project” button and select the previously created MPP file.
After that just choose the objects you’d like to import.

Creating Custom Reports

You can create your own ad-hoc reports using Report Generator.
This tool allows you to select a data source (Projects, Tasks, Timesheets, Issues, etc), specify fields you want to display, set appearance for the report (font, size) and provide parameters (filters). The newly created report can be saved and used any time you need it.

Project and Task Templates

If you have a recurring project that has to be created every few months or so, you can create a “template” project, define its structure, assignments, etc and make a copy of this project any time you need by using “Duplicate project” action on the “Project List” context menu (availabe by clicking on the project line).
You can use the same approach to duplicate the tasks using the “Copy Task(s)” button on the “Task List” page.

Customizing Easy Projects .NET interface

You can customize the header of Easy Projects .NET pages (add your logo or change colors to match your company standards) by editing CSS files in the App_Themes folder inside your Easy Projects .NET folder E.g.: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\EasyProjects\App_Themes\

Report styles can be changed in the \_StyleSheets\reports.css file.

Hiding Completed Tasks

As a project goes along, sometimes you might want to clean up your task list by hiding completed tasks. You can do it by unchecking “Show completed tasks” field on the Options page or from the Quick Panel (rolled out from the left side of a screen)

Issue & Request Auto-Assignment

Easy Projects .NET allows you to specify a default user whom the newly submitted tasks, issues and requests will be automatically assigned to.
To specify such a user, open project properties and select a username in the Auto-Assign Configuration section.

Hiding Completed Projects

You can hide the completed projects from the lists by unchecking “Show completed projects” field on the Options page. You should login as administrator to access these settings.

Project Permissions

Project permissions always override default role permissions.

Customizing e-mail notifications

You can customize e-mail notifications by changing the message text in
e-mail templates. The e-mail templates can be found in the \App_Data\Notifications\
folder inside your Easy Projects .NET web-folder.

Efficient way to add similar tasks

If you add a batch of tasks, issues or requests that have a lot of common properties (same project, category, project members), use
“Save and add similar” button to make a duplicate.

Windows Authentication

Easy Projects .NET can use Windows Authentication (Active Directory), so the users don’t need to enter their username and password for the login.

Step1: To setup this authentication mode Administrator should login to Easy Projects .NET and prepare an account for himself by adding a new user entry and specifying the username in the form of “DOMAIN\UserName”. The password field can contain anything.

Step 2: Close all browser windows which access EP.NET pages.

Step 3: Turn On Windows authentication by editing the web.config file: locate the “” string, and change the value “Forms” to “Windows” (make sure the word is capitalized).

Step 4: The Administrator can now login to EP.NET without entering his username and password.

Step 5: Accounts for other users should be prepared in the same way as described in step 1.

Step 6: If you are using IE 7.0 go to: Internet Options – Enable Integrated Windows Authentication – and then restart IE 7.0

How to submit issues via e-mail

Easy Projects .NET allows users to submit issues by email. This functionality can
be configured by editing the appropriate section at the Options page by Administrator.

projectName parameter specifies the default project name where an issue
will be posted if a project name is NOT specified in the email body.

userName – name of the user under which account an issue will be posted
to the system.

Connection interval – specifies how often (in minutes) the system will check the mailbox for new messages

Server – your POP3 mail server

User – username to access mail account allocated for issue submittion

Password – password required to access the mail account

In order to submit an issue to a specific project, the project name should be
specified in a message body in the following format: <ProjectName>

How to setup Notification Rules

Starting with version 4.0 it is possible to specify the users who will receive e-mail notifications and choose the events that will trigger these alerts.

You can setup one or several notifications, by opening project details and clicking on the “Notification Rules” button on the right side of the screen.

Then you should click on the “Create New Rule” button.

On the next screen you’ll have an opportunity to choose the desired recipients and select the triggering events.

Custom Fields

Easy Projects .NET allows you to specify additional information for a project or a task by using custom fields.

For example, if you want to be able to retrieve information about all Ongoing projects, you should go to the Administration -> Custom Fields; enter “Ongoing” as a field name value, and select Yes/No as a field type.

After that the “Ongoing” checkbox will be present in the details of existing and new projects.

In addition, the “Ongoing” field will be available in the Report Generator, so you can design a report that will show all projects where Ongoing value is set to True.

Is it possible to customize subjects of the e-mail notifications?

Yes, Easy Projects .NET is a project management software program which allows you to customize not only the message body, but the notification subject as well.

You can use different macros (%PROJECTNAME%, %TASKASSIGNEE%, etc) to specify the exact information in the subject.

The e-mail templates can be found in the \App_Data\Notifications\ folder inside your Easy Projects .NET web-folder.

Is it possible to e-mail reports or Gantt Charts that I have generated with Easy Projects .NET to my customers?

Easily, as long as your reports or charts are sent as PDF documents. There are many software products that allow converting to PDF available. As soon as you have installed one as a printer, you can print a report from Easy Projects .NET to PDF and send it by e-mail. For example, a free PDF writer could be downloaded using this link:

I want to import tasks from the Excel file. I tried saving my
Excel spreadsheet to CSV and importing it, but Excel will only save it as
comma delimited. Easy Projects .NET requires the semicolon delimited format. What do I do?

If you go into Excel options, and change the decimal separator from a “.” to
a “,” Excel will now save all CSV files as semicolon separated values.

How to add Group Events

If you have a project status meeting, or a conference call, or any other group function, you can add this event in all participants’ calendars, by creating a new event and assigning it to multiple people. This can be done through your personal Calendar screen under the condition that you have the “Add Group Events” permission.

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