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We hope you will enjoy using Easy Projects, ultimate project management and collaboration software. Take a minute to read a very concise account of what it has to offer.

One of the benefits of using a project collaboration software product in our days is that you get opportunity to monitor every team member’s progress. Dashboard that comes with Easy Projects helps you see at a glance any trouble just as it begins setting in. A complete system of user rights and permissions allows you to fine tune what project members can view and do. Assigned tasks are visible to each member from his own perspective, and any member who has finished a job can signal it by just pressing a button.

The software comes with ways of communication between your users that are way beyond traditional email or even instant messengers. Lightning-fast message boards, video conferences are just some of them. This project collaboration software makes it easy to make sure your projects are monitored by more than just you. This gives you a way to assure quality as your project carries on much better, with even your customer being able to intervene at critical times.

Another important aspect is time tracking capability. Time logs, Timer, time tracking reports and timesheets are all available in Easy Projects. You are not likely to lose a precious minute when you are armed with this state-of-the-art project management tool.

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