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Telecom Project Management Software Connects the Communication Industry

Telecom projects are huge undertakings, sometimes with budgets running into the millions and stakeholders as high-level as government officials and CTO-level company executives. When managing such infrastructure-heavy projects, you need a solution that can organize disparate parties and coordinate their efforts remotely.

Easy Projects can provide that kind of assistance and facilitate telecom project management.

Gantt Chart

When coordinating the schedules of various stakeholders such as the government, contractors, and legal services, it’s useful to have a visual representation of all the requirements and when they’re going to be due. Easy Projects’ Gantt chart allows for simple drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy for you to keep your schedule up to date with the latest developments in your Telecom projects.


Communications projects often require team members from different regions, but this can make things more difficult for the project manager to coordinate. What Easy Projects does is provide a flexible online telecom project management platform where team members can meet and share ideas, notes and collaborate on the projects.

Resource Management

With large projects such as these, the project manager may have trouble keeping track of who is doing what. As a result, the team may not be operating at maximum efficiency. Some team members may be overloaded, while others are not busy enough. Easy Projects’ resource tracking feature allows PMs to stay up t date on people’s work load for maximum project efficiency.


Sometimes you need to be able to compartmentalize a project. Perhaps one team is dealing with sensitive information that can’t be released, or perhaps another is only allowed to review work, instead of edit it. Whatever the case may be, Easy Projects provides an excellent Permissions system that can be modified to fit any criteria you desire.

As you can see, Easy Projects has a host of useful features and solutions available for the overworked communications project manager. But that’s not all that we have available!

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