Task Manager Software

Easy to Use Project and Task Manager

Easy Projects is a project and task management software which can be used to manage anything from a complex project right down to your every-day tasks. Because of its shallow learning curve and a simple interface, getting started with Easy Projects for everyone on your team is a breeze.

Each team member has their own My Assigment page which can be reffered to as their personal task manager. Here they can see all of their tasks, sort them by priority or due date, bookmark important tasks and create new ones without having to leave the page.

Once a task is complete, team members can just click the “I’m Done” button to finish the task and move onto the next one. This peronal task manager always makes sure that you stay on top of your work.

You can try the My Assignments page and other features of Easy Projects free for 15 days right now and see for yourself how easy task management can be.

Efficient Task Manager

Along with the My Assignments page, each team member also has their own customizable Dashboard which allows them to track tasks, issues, requests and resources at a project-level. They can also see upcoming due dates and events such as meetings, eliminating the need for things such as company calendars.

Improve Team Collaboration

Along with the task manager, each team member can use the My Assignments page to keep up with the latest happenings on their tasks. They’ll be able to read and post discussions to the message boards, upload and share files and automatically provide status updates directly to the project manager.

Team Time Logs

The My Assignments task manager page also comes with built-in activity timers which allow you to track and log the hours you spend working on a task directly into the time logs. There is also a handy weekly timesheet entry enabling you to enter and automatically record hours for up to 7 days in a row.

Custom Report Manager

For those who are looking for more advanced functionality beyond a simple task manager, Easy Projects comes with a built-in Custom Report Generator which allows you to create an unlimited number of reports for your projects and tasks. You can save these reports or download in PDF format to print and e-mail.