Task Management

At the heart of our software lies task management. After all, you can’t have a project without first breaking it into tasks, can you? That is why we’ve focused all of our creative forces to make task management as easy and effective as possible.

Task Details - Task Management Software - Easy Projects

Unlimited Tasks

Unlimited means unlimited. With Easy Projects you can create an unlimited number of tasks and projects with any levels of hierarchy you need. This allows you to break projects down into the smallest tasks possible to ensure you’ve covered all you bases.

Activities - Task Management Software - Easy Projects

Easy to Add and Edit

Making changes within your project management software should be quick and simple.We have doubled down on our “easy” mantra with our newest version: our powerful Activity Center offers Excel-like inline editing, instant previews.

And when you type: “@Fred, create a new sales pitch by Friday”, Easy Projects will automatically create a task, assign it to Fred and set its the deadline for Friday. How awesome is that?

Task Editing - Task Management Software - Easy Projects
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