Activity Center

The Activity Center is the tool most used by Project Managers.
Here they can easily create, approve, and modify project plans, view,
search, filter, assign, and update projects and activities.

Based on user preference, project data can be displayed as a Table,
Gantt Chart, Kanban Board or Calendar View.

Table View Gantt Chart Kanban board view Calendar view Saved Views

Table View

Table View

Table view allows users to display project information in a familiar spreadsheet-like fashion. Table view supports unlimited levels of task hierarchy and features in-line editing, color-coded health indicators, column customizations, and much more.

Gantt Chart View

Gantt Chart View Easyprojects

Easy Projects Interactive Gantt Chart offers a dynamic and visual way to create a project plan: change dates, duration, and set dependencies across multiple projects as needed.

Kanban Board View

Kanban board view

The Kanban board is a great tool for people and teams who follow agile methodologies or prefer a more visual way to present and complete tasks.

Each card (task) on the Kanban board gets worked on based on the stage of production (column). Assignees complete their work, drag the task out of their completed stage and drop it into the next one, automatically notifying all project team members of the updated task status.

Calendar View

Calendar view

The Calendar View offers various filters to show only the information that a user needs. It’s also possible to color-code and display multiple calendars on the same view.

Saved Views

Saved Views

One of the biggest time-saving features of the Activity Center is the ability to create saved views. A user can choose their preferred visualization, add filters, customize columns, and then save these settings as a preset view.

Once done, this saved view is available for repeatable viewing and the option to share, much like a bookmark in a browser.



Easy Projects allows you to communicate at a project or task level to keep information properly categorized and easily actionable. Messages can be posted in the collaboration center, the mobile app, or by sending an email. A complete record of all communication is tracked via the audit trail.

When working on a project or an activity, team members attach and share files. Document version control and complete document search is supported. All changes and communication within a project are time stamped and available for audit or compliance purposes.

My Assignments

My Assignments is designed to minimize the learning curve and maximize the productivity of each team member.

This page presents a simple list view for task owners to complete their job without distraction. Project contributors immediately see everything they are supposed to be working on, in their preferred order, and can provide status updates, track time, and communicate with their entire team.

My Assignments
Approval Workflow

Approval Workflow

Team members can request and track approvals from multiple stakeholders in real-time. When reviewing images, users can add annotations and instantly provide visual feedback while reviewing. Managers can choose to review and approve using their mobile device or from their Approval inbox.

All key actions and changes in a project are recorded and tracked via the audit trail log.

Guest Portal

It’s possible to enable clients, stakeholders or other departments within your company to view and track project progress, submit issues or requests directly to the team, and review work items that require approval without requiring a paid licence.

Guest Portal

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