ROI Calculator

Please use the table below to calculate the estimated savings and ROI that your organization can gain by implementing Easy Projects

Organization Details

Number of team members:
Average team member annual salary (USD):
Number of managers:
Average manager annual salary (USD):
Average number of projects going on at any given time:

Savings & ROI

Total time saved by team members per year:
383.33 hours
Total time saved by project managers per year:
57.5 hours
Total time saved:
441 hours
Total savings per year (USD):


The following assumptions are based on the feedback and testimonials provided by Easy Projects customers.

  • Collaboration time saved by team member: 10 minutes per day
  • Project Management time saved by managers: 5 minutes per day, per project
  • Number of workdays per year: 230
  • Total time saved by team members per year: Number of Team Members * Saved minutes * Number of Working Days / 60 minutes
  • Total time saved by managers per year: Saved minutes * Number of Projects / Number of Project Managers * Number of Working Days / 60 minutes
  • Annual cost of Easy Projects hosted license:(Number of Team Members + Number of Managers) * $216.00
  • Total Savings: Saved Team Members Hours * Team Member Hourly Rate + Saved Managers Hours * Managers Hourly Rate – Easy Projects License Cost