Powerful Resource
Planning Software

As the ultimate project resource planning software, Easy Projects makes sure that you’re in control of your valuable assets. Make changes on the fly, and keep your team's workload in balance.

Easy Projects Resource Management Module

Resource Planning Simplified
with Easy Projects

Gain the visibility into your resources you need to better manage and support them.

Easy Projects Resource Management
Module can answer questions like:

  • Have we planned the time to capacity for our next project, sprint or initiative?
  • What is the current workload of my team?
  • Do we have the right balance of skills experience on the team?
  • Are they working on the right projects and work?
  • Is my team fully utilized with the right projects and work?
  • Who is over or under utilized?

Find the Right Resources
by Skill and Availability

One of our favorite planning features within Easy Projects is the Resource Loading Simulator (RLS).

The RLS allows you to successfully plan your projects by helping you:

  • Put together a project team based on skills and availability
  • Check resource availability
  • Ensure that there are no conflicts with existing project schedules before scheduling your new project
Easy To Manage

Resource Capacity Planning

Avoid over-loading complaints with this easy-to-read, color-coded report that quickly shows you the workload of each team member.

This insight will help you keep your team productive by reducing stress levels and increasing overall job satisfaction.

The Easy Projects resource loading report is an indispensable tool in your resource capacity planning.

Portfolio Custom Fields

Flexible Time Tracking

Time tracking tool help to schedule your team, see how long projects will take to complete, and improve your estimates and planning human resource.

Easy Projects accommodates various time tracking options suitable for different work styles and environments:

  • Weekly timesheets
  • Quick time entry from My Assignments view
  • Time Tracking from mobile apps
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Time recording on behalf of resources without login
Easy To Manage

Planning and resourcing
in a single view

Using our High-Level tool “Activity Center” with built-in Gant Chart you plan projects, tasks and resources in one place.

The ability to view the entire workload of the entire team is a great advantage while you’re planning your project resources.

Learn the benefits of Resource Planning
with Easy Projects

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