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 Call Us:   1-888- 261-9878

Resource Planning

Easy Projects, as the ultimate resource planning software, makes sure that you’re in control of your valuable assets, be it people, equipment, or time.

Resource Loading Report

This color-coded report allows you to know the workloads of each of your team members at a single glance. Preempting over-loading complaints, as well as under-utilization, has never been so easy! Easy Projects resource planning software, is an indispensable tool in resource capacity planning.

Resource Loading Simulation

The Resource Loading Simulation is a unique tool available in Easy Projects to help with your project planning process.

  • It can answer questions like
  • — “Who do we available to start working on this project 5 weeks from now?”,
  • — “Do we have enough resource with the required skills to take on this project?”,
  • — “If we do this project, how will existing projects schedule be affected?” and more.
  • Pretty cool, eh?
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