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Time Tracking

For projects where you need to keep track of time, a flexible time tracking tool is your best friend. Let us introduce you to Easy Projects timesheets.

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Easy Entry

Easy Entry

Since you need to depend on team members to enter their information in a timely and accurate manner, time tracking is only as accurate as your team. The best way to facilitate positive behavior is to make it as easy as possible.

That’s why Easy Projects offers a number of ways to track time, so each employee can choose the method that suits them the best: single entry, weekly submissions or a built-in timer with a stopwatch functionality.

Time Reporting

With a well-maintained time tracking system, you will realize immense efficiency gains as you reduce redundant activities and direct energy as needed.

Once you have your time logs submitted, you can immediately put this data to action, by running a variety of essential reports e.g. The Timesheets report for a detailed breakdown, or Payroll Report for calculating employee wages.

Time Reporting

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