Project Scheduling Software

An Easy to Use Project and Task Scheduler

Easy Projects is a project management and task scheduler software which you can use to organize, track and manage your everyday project tasks. Getting started with Easy Projects is easy thanks to the shallow learning curve, a simple interface and plenty of help, training and tutorials.

Project Scheduler. Activity Center

You can schedule your projects and tasks using the Activity Center page which is unique to each user in Easy Projects. This project scheduling page, is one, single place where you can organize, sort, bookmark and track all of your project tasks.

Efficient Project Scheduling

Along with the Activity Center, you can also use the interactive Gantt chart to schedule your project milestones and tasks. This tool allows you to organize and plan your project activities through drag-and-drop commands and in-line editing. Simply double click on a task to assign team members to it, or drag it to change its due date.

Project Scheduler. Interactive Gantt

Improve Team Collaboration

Easy Projects is not only a project scheduler, but a great tool to improve your team’s collaboration. You can upload and share files, post and reply to messages on the project message boards, and host real-time online meetings and conferences with up to 15 participants. There are also customizable email notifications.

Customizable email notifications.

Project Time Logs

The Time Logs feature allows you to keep track of your scheduled tasks to see how they are progressing. You can estimate how many hours a task might take, and then track those hours in real-time using a built-in web-timer or through the weekly timesheets. You can then use this data to generate Resource Loading reports.

Time Logs

Schedule your Projects on the road

With Easy Projects Mobile you can also review your project and task schedule online from any smartphone or tablet: iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows.

Project and task schedule on smartphone or tablet