Easy Projects comes with several dozens of pre-built reports including Project Summary, Detailed Timesheets, Billing Report, Resource Loading, Payroll Report Delayed Tasks, and many more. Plus, you can create your own reports using our Report Generator.

Over 30 Ready-to-Use Templates

Are you new to project management?Are you short on time? Need some ideas on what other companies report on? Use our set of pre-built reports. Get the information you need in seconds.

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Custom Report Generator

Create your own table, chart and metric reports using different data sources such as projects, tasks, or time entries. You’ll have full control of what is included in these reports and can customize everything from date ranges to the report’s appearance.
Any report you create can be published to the Dashboard.

Report Generator - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

PDF and Excel Export

Our Project Reports come with seamless export capabilities; you can have your reports printed out as PDF files for access in any device, or as Excel files, so that you can manipulate and visualize the data as you see fit.

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