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Project Portfolio Management Software

Visualize, analyze and designate projects more quickly to achieve
your organization's long-term objectives.

Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies

Project Portfolio Management Simplified

Easy Projects offers Project Portfolio Management Software to accurately budget, analyze, and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously. Grouping projects into organized portfolios enables you to efficiently segment projects based on team member, department, customer, and more.

Easy To Manage

Team members have the ability to view portfolios only relevant
to them by utilizing filters. To enhance efficiency, a team member
can also be assigned as a Portfolio Manager to oversee and manage multiple projects.

Easy To Manage
Customize Portfolios

Portfolios Tailored To Your Exact Needs

Our portfolio-based custom fields adapt to your specific business processes by providing team members access
to only relevant information, while keeping all projects under the same company umbrella for easy reporting.

Project Portfolio Analysis

Track the progress of all projects and the performance of individual team members within each portfolio. If a new project for a specific portfolio is created, you can assess whether or not there will be any timeline or work allocation conflicts and then assign resources accordingly.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Optimization

The optimization process takes risk assessment, project value, strategic alignment, resource prioritization and lessons learned into account to drive continuous improvement in your portfolio management initiatives.

Integrate Your
Favorite Tools

Integrate with 2,000+ of your favorite tools for even more effective management of your project portfolios. Have all data necessary for successful project completion conveniently grouped and accessed
in the platform, even if it wasn't originally created in Easy Projects.

Synchronize and Consolidate

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