Project Portfolio Management
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When your organization has a large number of projects on the go, managers need an easy way to group these projects together to help with analysis, prioritization, budgeting, etc.

That’s why, amongst our many features, Easy Projects offers Project Portfolio Management. Grouping together projects into organized portfolios is a great way for project managers to segment projects and initiatives based on department, team, customer, functional area and more!

Easy To Manage

Easy To Manage

You can appoint any project member as a portfolio manager. This role can easily manage projects within a portoflio and assign access to other team members.

The Portfolios section comes with a complete set of filters so that each specific team member can view only the portfolios relevant to them with very little time or effort. This makes collaborative project management and task management even more simple and user friendly.

Once created and defined, portfolios are available for reports and dashboard widgets and all data can be easily analyzed.

Portfolio Custom Fields

Customize Portfolios to Match Your Business Processes

To make portfolio management more flexible and adaptable you can use portfolio-based custom fields, a unique feature of Easy Projects.

For example, projects belonging to the Marketing portfolio will have one set of custom fields and IT projects will use another set.

This way each team will work only with the information relevant to them, while keeping all projects under the same company umbrella for easy reporting.

Custom Forms

Portfolio Analysis

Within each portfolio, you can track and measure the progress of all projects and even the performance of individual team members.

Thus, if a new project that would fit into a certain portfolio needs to be started; the timeline, work allocation and expectation for progress can be immediately assessed and assigned.

Project Portfolio Management Software Integrations

Synchronize and Consolidate Portfolio Data through Integrations

Easy Projects can integrate with a host of other software tools that allow for more effective management and execution of project portfolios.

Data can be imported from a variety of applications and project management tools including MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Project, and more.

This way, your portfolio can include all data that is relevant for completion of projects, even if it wasn’t originally created in Easy Projects. So, all related information can be grouped in one place and accessible with just one click, once imported.

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