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Project Portfolios

Easy Projects packs many features, and project portfolio management is one of them. Grouping projects under a portfolio can be very handy, especially if the project count has run into the hundreds.

Easy To Manage

You can appoint a project member as a portfolio manager. This role can create, delete or edit existing portfolios and all portfolio objects, e.g. projects, activities, etc. The Portfolios section comes with a complete set of filters to quickly display only those portfolios you need.

Once created and defined, portfolios will be available for your reports and dashboard widgets, so you can easily slice and dice your project data.

Portfolio Custom Fields

To make portfolio management more flexible and adaptable you can use portfolio-based custom fields, a unique feature of Easy Projects. For example, projects belonging to the Marketing portfolio will have one set of custom fields and IT projects will use another set. This way each team will work only with the information relevant to them, while keeping all projects under the same company umbrella for easy reporting.

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