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Portfolio Management

Easy Projects software packs many features, and project portfolio management is one of them. Grouping projects under a portfolio can be very handy, especially if the project count has run into the hundreds.

Easy Portfolios

The objective of project portfolio management is to identify and prioritize projects so that appropriate resources can be applied in a timely and cost-effective manner. To achieve this, Easy Projects provides project status reports to enable redistributing resources from completed projects to ones in need of them. The portfolios are easy to add and manage. There is a special role permission reserved for portfolio management.

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It’s All About Resources

Portfolios help keep resources under control. Instead of single projects, you think portfolios. Easy Projects, project and portfolio management software, allows taking a more integrated and top-down approach to managing all project-intensive work and resources across the enterprise. Avoiding resource conflicts is one of the benefits you get from portfolios. Another is having a way to clearly segregate projects under a meaningful category.

Easy To Manage

You can appoint a project member as a portfolio manager. This role can create, delete or edit existing portfolios and all portfolio objects, e.g. projects, activities, etc. The Portfolios section comes with a complete set of filters to quickly display only those portfolios that you need. Portfolios can be created from existing projects or as a blank one to be added projects to.

Portfolio Custom Fields

To make portfolio management more flexible and adaptable you can use custom fields, a special feature offered by this software. You can choose from eight types of custom fields: Text, Number, Date, Yes/No, List, Text Area, Text Area (Rich Formatting), and Hyperlink. For example, you may want to assign a portfolio an internal number in your accountancy system. For this you might create a Number type field named ‘Internal number’. Possible applications are numerous.

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