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Easy Projects is a cloud-based project planning software with tools tailor-made for easy planning and execution. Through time-savers like Gantt charts, Resource Loading Reports, and Project Calendar, you can manage your team and tasks in minutes, with all your projects and activities lined up clearly on a timeline!

Online Project Planning Software

As a complete online project planning software solution, Easy Projects allows project managers to plan every aspect of their projects with ease, visibility, and using a clearly defined timeline. From time tracking to budgeting, everything you need for the successful completion of your project, you will find here.

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Critical Paths and Resource Loading

Using our intuitive Resource Loading page, you can avoid overloading your team members so that A) they don’t burn out, and B) tasks don’t get delayed. Resource loading is shown on a timeline grid, with color coding and all. You will not only be thanked for showing concern for your team, but also applauded for your efficient planning skills! Critical path is an algorithm very popular in modern project management, and any respectful project management software should have it in an arsenal.

Multiple Dependencies

One of the most critical aspects of a proper project plan is being able to set up dependencies, which allow for changes you make in one task appropriately affect the ones that are attached to it. This way, instead of changing 12 dates, you can change one, and let the system take care of the rest for you. You can set up multiple links between tasks to further simplify your job. Easy Projects software does it again!

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Easy Projects has been an easy decision for us. We're spending a quarter of the time and money we needed to invest in our prior systems and we're seeing twice the results.

Aaron Hamilton,
Director of Information Technologies National Underwriter Company

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