Project Management Software

Built for Project Management & Professional Services Teams

Take service delivery to the next level by choosing the project management software that unites distributed teams, contractors, and clients. View and analyze project performance and profitability, identify bottlenecks in project activities and tasks, and analyze risks in project labor costs through detailed reporting that helps teams avoid project delays.

Easy Projects intuitive enough for your entire team to understand, yet comprehensive enough for the most complex projects.

Project Management Software

Set your First Project Up in Minutes and
Hit the Ground Running

With various project management tools to choose from,
create a new project the way that works best for you.

Gain Full Transparency into Projects with
Multiple Views to Choose from

Stay in control and up to date with your projects
by choosing the view that works best for your specific needs.

The Activity Center

Depending on each users preferred way of viewing projects, data can be displayed in Table, Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, or Calendar format.

Table View

Avoid going over budget or past deadlines with full visibility into all projects and tasks, with the familiar spreadsheet-like view.

Unlimited hierarchy to handle the most
complex projects.

Gantt Chart View

Gantt Chart View Easyprojects

Plan and visualize projects more efficiently with the interactive Gantt chart.

View the critical path, spot potential delays, and update your entire project schedule, instantly.

Kanban Board

Visualize and monitor your tasks through each phase. Identify bottlenecks.

Configure your layout to align with the needs of your team, projects, and workflows.

Calendar View

Quickly get a birds-eye-view of project activity and due dates in a color-coded calendar format.

Keep your Resources
and Projects Moving Forward

Through time-savers like Gantt chart, Resource Loading Simulations,
and Project Calendar, you can manage your team and tasks in minutes.

Deliver Results, Faster, with Award-Winning
Project Management Software

All of your project management needs met, in one comprehensive tool

Assignment Collaboration Time Tracking Guest Portal

Understand your Priorities with My Assignments


Minimize the learning curve for new employees and maximize each of their potential with My Assignments.

Task owners can avoid distractions and understand their duties with a simple list view. Project contributors can promptly view tasks they are assigned to, filter to their preferred view, track time, and efficiently provide status updates to their entire team.

Collaboration Made Easy


Improve team communication for better project alignment.

House all project data in one centralized place by messaging, attaching, and sharing files at a task or project level.

Simple Time and Expense Tracking

Time and Expense Tracking

Equip your team with user-friendly time tracking options, like a daily entry, weekly submission, or a built-in timer that can be approved and locked by managers.

Track your budget, monitor your costs, and record your expenses in one tool. Set up a project budget with ease and track your planned versus actual costs compared to your actual revenue.

Accelerate the Approval Process

Approval Workflow

Team members can request and track approvals from multiple stakeholders in real-time. When reviewing images, users can add annotations to directly provide visual feedback at the time of reviewing. Managers can choose to review and approve using their mobile devices or from their Approval Inbox.

Grant Client Project Visibility
with Guest Portal

Guest Portal

Consistently deliver projects on time while keeping stakeholders informed to increase
client satisfaction.

More Must-Have
Project Management Software

Portfolio management

Visualize, analyze, and designate projects more quickly with project portfolio management software to achieve your organization's long-term objectives.


Seamlessly integrate with over 2,000+ of your favorite tools.

Full Implementation and Training

Your dedicated Success Coach will help you drive your on-boarding, team adoption, and offer ongoing consulting.

Permissions & Security

Control what users can access certain information by managing security and permissions. Permissions include:

  • Active Directory IntegrationGlobal Audit Trail
  • Banned-word Lists
  • Expiration
  • Inactive Lockouts and Password
  • Portfolio Level Permissions
  • Project Level Permissions
  • Password-protect Access for all Users
  • Password Strength Policy
  • Role-Based User Permissions
  • SSL Support.

Reports and Dashboards

Get access to real-time updates on tasks and projects with the Dashboard. Conveniently access critical project management information for effective decision making, with just one click!

Usability & Customization

Easy Projects is offered in multiple languages, such as: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Slovak, Russian.

Import & Export

Easy Projects makes it simple to move your data over with the following capabilities:

  • Export to Excel / PDF
  • Export to QuickBooks
  • Import from CSV
  • Import from Outlook
  • MS Project Import and Export.

Guest Portal

It's possible to enable clients, stakeholders or other departments within your company to view and track project progress, submit issues or requests directly to the team, and review work items that approval without requiring a paid licence.

Ranked Best Project Management Software

Easy Projects is an Award-Winning Leader
in Enterprise and Portfolio Project Management.

High Performer in Overall and Enterprise Project Management

Leader in Overall and High Performer
in Enterprise Project Management

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