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Effectively manage multiple projects and creative teams with our centralized, easy-to-use collaborative platform

Project management software combined with
a practical, user-friendly workflow your team will love!

All in one place

All Your Projects
in One Place

Quickly access all aspects of a project with a click of a button. Budgets, time-tracking, resources and reporting are all centralized.

Predict and Manage Team Resources

Predict and Manage Team Resources

Always know which team member is available or overloaded for smarter and more efficient task assignment.

Keep Customers Happy

Keep Your
Clients Happy

Give your clients access to real-time project status updates. Clients are more involved and can submit requests, or review and approve results.

Keep Executive Informed

Keep Executives Informed

Provide your executives with powerful business intelligence reports for a quick, real-time view of project performance.

Easy Projects for a Team Project Manager

Smile! Project Management Just Got Easier.

Smile, your Project Manager’s job just got easier

I am looking to...

  • Plan & View a Project Summary
  • Manage My Resources
  • Increase Team Accountability
  • Improve Team Collaboration
  • Generate Custom Reports

Effortless Scheduling
with our Interactive
Gantt Chart

Build projects and get a real-time view of progress with our interactive Gantt chart. Drag’n ’drop your tasks across timelines, create multiple dependencies, set milestones and change durations for a smooth, intuitive scheduling experience.

Effortless Scheduling with Interactive Gantt Chart

Effective Resource Management for Project Management Teams

Which team member is available to take on a new task? Who’s overloaded? Who’s on vacation next month? When can we start a new project? With Easy Projects, you’ll always have the answers to these critical questions, allowing you to optimally plan and gain better control of your projects, while streamlining your processes.

Team Accountability Illustration

Accountability for Everyone on the Team

Track the personal progress of each member of your team with quick status reports and one-click audit trails for each task. Always know who did what and when. No more lost emails, missed calls or he said/she said. Get instant project proficiency and clarity on-demand.

In-App Visual Reporting for Executive Team

Collaborate and Communicate Better

Centralize your team’s communication and provide full transparency where you need it most. Post and review messages, files, work requests and project analytics in each individual task.

Easy Projects for Project Team Members

Keep Your Team Engaged and Informed

Project Team Member
my assignments More Powerful Resource Planning file sharing add task

View My To-Do List

  • See Activities assigned to me
  • Update an activity’s status when my work is complete
  • See or reply to existing messages
  • Track my time
  • Download and upload files
  • Mark my work on a task as done

Log Team Hours

Add and edit timelog entries based either on a specific user, activity or a project for a hassle-free timelog experience.

Collaborate and Share Information

Collaborate and communicate with your team from directly within the platform.

Post and reply to messages on the message board and upload and share files for easy team member access.

Create and Edit Tasks

Create and bookmark high-priority tasks with a few clicks.

Our powerful Activity Center offers Excel-like inline editing and instant previews.

Easy Projects for Company Executives

Easily monitor project parameters, budgets and schedule statuses

Project Team Member
financial performance reports dashboard resource loading

View a Project Summary

Project summaries help you to quickly analyze, visualize and share data reports with your organization.

View a Financial Performance Reports

Sample reports:

  • Quoted vs. Estimated Labour Cost
  • Project Profitability Reports
  • Financial Dashboard (with or without cost variance)

Generate Custom Reports

Create Metric reports and publish them
to the Dashboard, which can be accessed
by and customized for your executive.

Manage Resources

Plan and execute projects more efficiently by always knowing:

  • Which team member is available
  • Who is overloaded
  • The optimal time to start a project

Easy Projects for Happier Clients

Increase client satisfaction by keeping them consistently informed on project status. Let your clients view and track progress by providing access to the guest portal

happy client
guest portal issues messages

Track Project Progress

You can let clients a view and track progress
through the guest portal.

Submit New Issues and Request

Using our free guest licenses, your clients can submit issues or requests directly to your team

Collaborate with the Team

Using their free guest portal, your client can:

  • View and update tasks that you assign them
  • Upload and download files
  • Collaborate via the message board
  • Participate in online meetings

Easy Projects for all involved

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