Simple Project Management Software

Keep It Simple and Straightforward

If you are just starting out with project management software, it can be a long and difficult path. Many tools can be very complicated and pack way too many features for those who are seeking simple project management software. On the other hand, simple tools just don’t pack enough to meet your needs. So, is there a middle ground?

The answer is – Easy Projects! It is a web based project management software which is simple enough to learn and use, but still comes with a number of features integral to effective project management. Project managers have access to tools such as an interactive Gantt chart, Dashboard, Custom Reports, Batch Operations and more.

Project team members, on the other hand, only need to be able to track the task they should be working on, collaborate on those tasks as well as log time and provide status updates. A simple My Assignments page allows them to do just that, without having to learn any advanced project management functionality.

Try Easy Projectsfree for 15 days, and see for yourself how simple project management software can be!