Project Management Software for Architecture

Easy Projects is a powerful project management tool that helps architectural firms organize and coordinate team members’ tasks and deliverables, while allowing clients real-time access to project updates

Here are just some of the features that Easy Projects offers:

Interactive Gantt Chart

This flexible and intuitive tool lets you delegate tasks to your team and schedule zoning research, CAD drawings, construction requirements right down to the day.

Online Collaboration

Stay updated with team members doing on-site inspections. Easy Projects lets you host online conferences and share project files to anyone with an Internet connection.

Resource Tracking

Does your intern have his hands full researching zoning laws? Easy Project’s resource tracking feature let’s you accurately judge his workload and shift tasks to someone else.

Time Log

Detailed progress reports allow you to track a project’s budget and the allocation of hours. Minimize client billing concerns by providing them with comprehensive and accurate timesheets. Easy Project is an effective, single-platform solution that can help your architectural firm increase project efficiency and maximize client hours. You can get this complete, comprehensive project management solution for a low monthly fee.

interactive gantt

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