Project Management with Excel versus Easy Projects

Managing Projects and Tasks with Excel: A Better Alternative

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool in the right hands, but it’s not a be-all and end-all solution. While it can help project managers stay organized, it still can’t outperform a dedicated Project Management Software tool like Easy Projects . That’s because project management tools come with specialized features and functions built specifically to address a PM’s needs. Excel is often shoehorned into these roles, and as a result its effectiveness is halved.

Here are some areas where Easy Projects outperforms Excel:

Managing Project Schedule and Timeline

Excel is perfectly capable of creating charts and graphs that show project progress, scope, and risks. However, the nature of its interface means that posting regular updates involves a lot of repetitive work and fine-tuning.

Easy Projects has a dedicated Gantt chart for a quick visual representation of the project schedule. Its drag-and-drop interface allows easier and faster project updates, which is a must if you’re working off Agile methodologies or if your project is very fluid.

The built-in dependencies will make any project update a breeze.

Time Tracking

Excel is perfectly capable of keeping track of your team’s hours. Updating it, however, is time consuming and repetitive. You would have to enter each person’s hours manually, taking precious time away from project tasks.

Easy Projects allows team members to enter their own hours without compromising security or version integrity. Drop downs and fields also allow for better task tracking, as each team member will give more detailed reports on their work. Easy Projects also provides Weekly Views and Detailed Summaries of all project hours.


When updating an Excel-based task list, a project manager will often have to notify each member that the task has been updated. Even if he sends out only one general announcement, it’s still an additional step in the process that wastes time and brain space.

With Easy Projects, you can set notification rules that update team members and assignees as soon as you make a change, freeing up your time and making task assignments a change-and-forget process. Project managers can also set up email digests for a thorough reminder of a team member’s tasks.

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