Business Intelligence

Easy Projects Business Intelligence package helps both project managers and executives present and analyze large amounts of data in beautifully designed interactive reports and dashboards.

It enables users to visualize, analyze, and interpret data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.

Perfect Analytics for your C-level Team

With Easy Projects Business Intelligence, your management team can monitor the most important metrics and KPIs in real-time from across your organization and from all departments.

Always pressed for time, your executive team will appreciate well designed, colorful and easy-to-understand (yes, we said it!) charts, diagrams, dashboards and reports.

Business Intelligence

Interactive and Dynamic

The ability to drill-down, create connected data sets, and filter information in real-time will set your personalized dashboards on steroids. Your status update meetings will never be the same again.

Business Intelligence

Powerful and Insightful, “At A Glance”.

Harnessing the power of Business Intelligence will make you the Ultimate King of Data. You will have a tool at your disposal to easily analyze, visualize and share data reports with your organization. You will be able to find insights not otherwise obvious through standard reporting.

Business Intelligence
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