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Project Management Budgeting

Tap into the financial health of any project with a single click and without the need to generate a report. At a glance, see how you are tracking against targeted Budget goal.

Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies
Budget and Cost Tracking

Budget and Cost Tracking

Managing the budget is a crucial part of any project. With Easy Projects you can quickly set up your Budget and track it against Actual Cost.

A number of additional metrics such as EAC (Estimated at Completion) and ETC (Estimate to Completion), and more are available for more advanced financial planning. Multiple currencies are supported for businesses operating in different countries.

Project Financial Overview

Uncovering the financial health of your project shouldn’t be a guessing game. It also shouldn’t require a report. This is why we created a “Financial Overview” for each of your projects.

Metrics related to Labour Costs, Project Expenses are all at your fingertips along with easy to read comparison charts.

Expense Tracking

Project Managers can easily track both planned and actual expenses to build up their projected budget and estimated internal cost.

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