Project Management Budgeting

Easy Projects offers a comprehensive set of financial tools to help you proactively track and manage your costs and stay on budget.

Rigorous attention to financial metrics pays off big time (no pun intended). SES Consulting reported 15% increase in profits and 10% increase in revenue in one year by staying on top of several financial KPIs inside Easy Projects.

Budget, Cost & Revenue - Easy Projects - Projects Management Software

Budget, Cost & Revenue

Managing budget is a crucial part of any project. With Easy Projects you can quickly setup your Budget and the track it against Actual Cost.

Organizations or teams, which bill their external or internal clients, can take advantage of the Revenue and Profit tracking. We support both Fixed Cost as well as Time & Material models.

A number of additional metrics such as Cost Variance, Work in Progress, Estimated Budget Profitability, Upfront Billing Utilization and more are available for more advanced financial planning. Multiple currencies are supported for businesses operating in different countries.

Expense Tracking - Easy Projects - Projects Management Software

Expense Tracking

Project Managers can easily track both planned and actual expenses to build up their projected budget and estimated internal cost.

Expenses can be marked as “billable” in case a cost is charged to a client and as “billed” to indicate that the expense has been invoiced.

Project Billing - Easy Projects - Projects Management Software

Project Billing

Your billing options are incredibly flexible. You can choose to charge your clients based on:

  • Resource (employee) hourly rate;
  • Project rate;
  • Customer rate;
  • Task rate (hourly or fixed cost);
  • Project Fixed cost.

Our Billing Report combined with powerful time tracking module ensures every minute and every project expense is accounted for.

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