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The premise of Easy Projects software is that it makes working together extremely simple and hassle-free. Gone are the days where the project manager plans everything in isolation on one computer, then assigns tasks in a big, all-hands meeting. Collaboration leads to efficiency and productivity, and you get that and much more with Easy Projects!

Real-Time Information

The number one thing our customers love in Easy Projects software product is how they have access to up-to-date information 24/7, and they don’t have to keep guessing when they are making critical decisions. With our collaborative features, you will be able to both know what is going on at all times, and work together with your teammates in real-time, so that you can fine-tune derailed tasks and projects proactively.

Great tool, its simplicity and ease of use played a key role in the successful delivery of a large, complex business systems implementation across our Australian operations. Easy Projects ensured that the team had full visibility of activities and were able to collaborate on critical tasks effectively. I have already recommended Easy Projects to a number of staff managing complex projects.
Kevin Benaicha, Quality Assurance Manager, Coates Hire

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Real-Time Communication

Easy Projects allows you to communicate at a task level, so that you can keep information properly categorized and easily actionable. Everything that is discussed about a task is saved as well, so that anyone who misses a conversation can simply refer to notes and be informed. Notifications and in-product chat ensure that you will never miss key pieces of communication. To collaborate in real time is extremely simple with Easy Projects software.

Real-Time Decision Making

Why do we care about real-time information and collaboration anyway? Simply because they allow us to make the right decision when it matters. The toolset provided by Easy Projects ensures that when the time comes, you will have all of the critical information possible to make the most informed decision. Information is power, and real-time information is what sets those who prosper and grow apart. Make most of software-aided collaboration with Easy Projects!

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Easy Projects has been an easy decision for us. We're spending a quarter of the time and money we needed to invest in our prior systems and we're seeing twice the results.

Aaron Hamilton,
Director of Information Technologies National Underwriter Company

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