Team Collaboration

The premise of Easy Projects software is that it makes working together very simple and hassle-free. Gone are the days where the project manager plans everything in isolation on one computer, then assigns tasks in a big, all-hands meeting. Collaboration leads to efficiency and productivity and eliminates micromanagement.

Messaging - Project Management Software - Easy Projects


Send both project level and task level messages to your team right from the Activity Center or from within a details window. All messages are saved so you catch up on conversations any time you like.

If you still like using email, that’s okay too. You can choose to receive email notification of messages and you can reply straight from your inbox. Your message will then be posted directly into Easy Projects.

Attachments - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

File Sharing

When adding a project or an activity through the “details” screen, you can attach files, which will automatically become available for download to project team members.

The foundation of great project management is seamless teamwork and we’re always striving to make collaboration a hassle-free undertaking. Our collaboration features help teams work faster, help reduce email inbox overflow, and keep everyone accountable.

Add image or document attachments to your messages and keep track of versions via the audit trail that is created within each message thread. Your team can also download these documents after you’ve attached them. If you need to take a quick look, all images can be viewed via an image preview.

Image Annotations

With Image annotations team members can mark specific areas on the uploaded images and add comments for the rest of the team to review.

It’s an excellent collaboration tool for any creative team dealing with digital or printed assets. Being able to annotate images right where they’re located within the context of a project or task can be a great time saver!

Approval - Project Management Software - Easy Projects


If you or your team are working on a project often you might need the thumbs up from someone before moving on. To make this process very easy, we’ve introduced Approval Workflows which allow team members to request approvals on tasks or any attached files. Once requested, the selected manager receives a notification of the pending approval request at which point they can approve or reject the deliverables and provide comments.

Message Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop. You can notify specific team members when you send a message by selecting who you would like to notify and hitting send.

You can also opt-into receiving desktop notifications so that you don’t have to keep checking your inbox or Easy Projects for project or task updates.

The follow functionality within each task lets you follow the tasks that you want to be notified about. Even if you are not working directly working on a task, you can still follow its progress.

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