Project Management Сollaboration Tools

Team Collaboration

Make working together simple and hassle-free with the Easy Projects online team collaboration software. Forget about the project plans stuck on one computer. Eliminate micromanagement to improve your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Project Management Software for Marketing Agencies

Communicate with Ease

Comment on projects and tasks and send messages to your team right from the Activity Center. All messages are saved so your team members can catch up on conversations any time they like.

If you like using email, choose to receive email notifications of messages sent via the platform and reply straight from your inbox. Your message will then be posted directly into Easy Projects.

Share Progress with the Entire Team

The foundation of a great project management collaboration tool is seamless teamwork that makes collaboration a hassle-free undertaking. Use team collaboration software to help your teams work faster, reduce email inbox overflow, and keep everyone accountable.

Manage and share images, document attachments, and other files directly in the task. Use the audit trail created within each message thread to keep track of message history.

File Sharing

Get Instant Feedback

Upload images and add comments to share with the team directly in the task. Mark specific areas on the picture to suggest edits.

Whether you are dealing with digital materials or printed assets, Easy Projects team collaboration tool can help. Save your team’s time and get results faster.

Speed Up
the Approval Process

If you or your team are working on a project often you might need the thumbs up from someone before moving on. The Approval Workflows feature allows team members to request approvals within the task. The selected person will receive a notification of the pending approval once you send a request.


Get Notified in Real Time, Anywhere

Define a custom set of rules for each user to make sure they get notifications immediately if their attention is required.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Choose which specific team members to notify when you send a message.

If you don’t want to keep checking your inbox or Easy Projects’ dashboard for updates, set desktop notifications.

Always know what’s happening with the task you are following. Even if you are not directly working on a task, you can still keep an eye on its progress.

Full Control

Enable Fine-Grained Notification Settings

You can configure Easy Projects so that people only see as much as they need to, but not more. For example, you can set it up so that an assignee will only be notified when a task is assigned to them, however all project members will be notified when a new issue is submitted. With the amount of noise we all receive nowadays, being able to segment information the right way is critical for your project’s success.

Customize Your User Experience

Easy Projects project management collaboration tool allows you to choose whether you want to get real-time notifications or or receive email digests a few times a day.There is a special notification for tasks that are due, and the ones that are overdue, which allows for the most effective prioritization of to-dos possible.

Flexible & Customizable
Simplify Teamwork and Collaborate Together