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Business Development Deliverables and Outcomes:
Purchase Order From a Client

Business Development

When the sales team identifies a qualified opportunity, a project is created within Easy Projects (CRM integration).

The Project Manager prepares a project plan that includes an estimated budget and timeline by using a template from a similar opportunity in the past. The plan will contain soft scheduling and resource allocation estimates to enable the sales team to quote with confidence and close the deal.


Project Prioritization Deliverables And Outcomes:
Sales-services Alignment, Final
Project Schedule

Project Prioritization

The Sales team works with the PMO and Delivery Managers to review all planned projects. Both potential client and internal initiatives are prioritized and ranked based on a set of specific evaluation criteria. Resource and Project Managers work to identify and soft-allocate the right resources based on skills, availability, and fit. Potential resource and schedule conflicts are identified and resolved.

The Sales team presents the final project proposal including a schedule to the client for approval. The client can be added as a Guest User to drive more engagement during the client review and decision phase.


Project & Resource Planning Deliverables and Outcomes:
Project Plan (WBS), Schedule
and Budget Baseline

Project & Resource Planning

The Project Manager creates a detailed project work breakdown structure (WBS) either from scratch or with a template. Resource selection is finalized, then tasks are assigned and scheduled. The baseline of the project schedule and budget is captured to enable actual versus with planned analysis in the future.


Execution & Delivery Deliverables and Outcomes:
Milestone-based Results

Execution & Delivery

Team members and contractors work on their assignments, update their progress, track their time, communicate, and collaborate with their peers. Results are then shared with the customers, who can approve or provide comments and feedback.


Project Monitoring & Control Deliverables and Outcomes:
Project KPIs and Milestones

Project Monitoring & Control

As the project progresses, the Project Manager closely monitors adherence to the schedule and budget using a variety of built-in indicators, tools and alerts. The PMO and the executive team regularly review a dynamic summary of the financial, productivity and team performance KPIs using dashboards and reports to make informed and timely decisions.


Portfolio Optimization Deliverables and Outcomes:
Lessons Learned, Project and
Client KPIs, Culture of Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence

Portfolio optimization

Once the project is completed, the Project Manager and/or PMO conducts project post mortem, records all lessons learned, and shares them with the Sales and Executive Teams. This information becomes available for future project assessments, planning, and portfolio optimization.

The portfolio optimization process takes risk assessment, project value, strategic alignment, resource prioritization, and lessons learned into account to drive continuous improvement in your portfolio management initiatives.


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