Operations & Product Development

Being in operations and product development often involves coordinating diverse projects and teams, managing budgets and working closely with third parties, while meeting market-driven deadlines. Piece of cake, right?

Well, for us mere mortals who still believe in unicorns and work-life balance, there is Easy Projects. Here is what it can do for you…

#1: Save time with Templates

Sometimes you find yourself doing similar projects again and again. It can be extremely time consuming to re-create those projects.

Who has that kind of time? Not us, and probably not you. That’s why we created project templates that allow you to reuse your entire project plan with just one click.


#2: Plan, Drag, Drop, Gantt.

Life happens, plans change and you have to react quick-time. With its simple drag and drop functionality and activity dependencies, Easy Projects can make it happen.

Every task on the Activity Center or Interactive Gantt chart can be moved around and easily updated by team members. With dependencies when one task’s deadline changes, your entire project schedule gets updated automatically. Eat your heart out, Excel.

interactive gantt

#3: Manage your tasks from Outlook

It can be distracting to switch from one application to another. We make it easy for you and your team to continue to work with tools that you’re comfortable with.

With the Microsoft Outlook add-on for Easy Projects, you can easily track and assign tasks, monitor work progress, share files and create new assignments straight from emails without ever leaving the familiar interface. May the force be with you.

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