iPhone and iPad App


Easy Projects’ iOS app allows you and your team to collaborate and manage projects anytime, anywhere. The application is available as a free download and is supported by iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices with iOS 8+.

Logging In

From the app login screen , you will be prompted to enter your company name in the (user login,password, account alias) and then you will be able to log in. If you are unsure about your alias, log in to your web version and take a look at the URL.


My Task

When you login, you will land on the “My Tasks” page. Similar to your “My Assignments” on the web version, “All Tasks” allows you to view all tasks that are assigned to you. Here you can view both “Pending” and “In Progress” tasks.


Mark your tasks complete on the go by swiping to the right and tapping “done”.


Sorting Tasks

Tasks can be sorted by end/start date, alphanumerically or by project.


Task Status

The status of the task is indicated in the task summary as seen on the “My Tasks” page. In order to change task status, tap the status.


Task Information

In order to access task Actions, tap the task title and the Actions will expand below.



By tapping the images below the task status, you’re able to change the task assignees. Here, you can easily re-allocate the task to another assignee by tapping on the circle to the left of their photo, or add them to the task. Tap “save” in the upper right hand corner, when you’re done. To unassign a user, tap on the blue check mark in the circle and press save.

You will also be able to assign the task to yourself by moving the slider at the top of the “change assignments page to the right.


Time Logging


The timer will only remain active for one task at a time. Unless you stop or pause the clock, the timer will continue to run as you navigate through the app. It will appear minimized at the bottom of the page.


Once the clock is stopped, you must press “save” in order to successfully enter it into the time log.



To comment on a task, open the icon with the speech bubble. At the bottom on the page, you’ll find a small text box to add a comment. When complete, tap the blue icon on the right to send.



From the comments section, you can touch the paperclip icon in the lower-right hand corner to attach a file. You will be prompted to attach a file by using your camera, from photos or videos saved on your phone,iCloud or Google Drive to upload a file*.


View Attachments

If files are already attached to a task then the number of attached files is listed next to the paperclip icon in the upper-right hand corner and you are able to see the attachments when you press the paperclip icon. From the attachments page you can upload a new attachment by touching the document icon in the lower right-hand corner , or open an existing attachment by clicking on it. You can view most popular file formats, including: png, jpg, doc, xls, ppt, and pdf.

Open Attachments

If you are opening a document that’s saved on a cloud platform (such as Google Drive) you will be prompted to sign into that platform before being able to view your document.

Delete Attachments

To delete an attachment before sending, place your finger on the thumbnail image until an“x” appears in the upper left hand corner. To delete, tap the “x”.

Attachment Requirements

*You must have Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive apps etc. downloaded to be able to upload files from those platforms.


To access “settings” simply tap the wheel located on the upper right corner of the “My Tasks” page. This page currently only displays your current profile picture and email address.


Logging Out

To logout, navigate to your settings page and select the exit icon.