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Wherever your work takes you, you need access to critical project information anytime, anywhere. Say hello to the Easy Projects mobile app for iOS and Android.

Task Management

Managing your tasks on the go has never been easier. Let’s say you need a quick tweak to your new product just hours before the big presentation, but you are out of office for another important meeting. With our mobile app, you can create the task, add the deadline (which is probably ASAP!) and assign it to your developer.

The mobile version also allows you to view every task that is assigned to you. This way, when you need a quick reminder of what to work on next, or when you need to message someone regading one of your tasks, it’s easy to do.

Task Management - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects
Filter Task - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Time Tracking

Need to clock a meeting, a project, or an onsite visit? No problem. The built-in time tracking app will help you log time when you’re on the road. Everything in the mobile app is reflected in the web app as well, so never fear losing your information.

Time Tracking - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Collaborate and Communicate

The Easy Projects Mobile App makes it simple to send files and messages when you need to provide a little more context for your team. Attach files and make comments to tasks to quickly notify everyone of important updates or ask for feedback.

Collaborate and communicate - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Approval Workflows

Just like on the desktop, messages in the mobile app now come with approval workflows, allowing you to quickly approve, reject, or request approval of a task any of its documents.

Approval - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

Add Projects

Ready to set-up and add a project but are nowhere near a computer? No problem. You can add a up project right from within the Easy Projects mobile app.

Add Project - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects

In-App Notifications Feed

Easily catch up on all of your notifications when you tap into your app via the handy notifications feed.

In-App Support

Need help on the go? Rest assured because you can send direct messages to your Easy Projects support team directly from within the app in real time.

Intercom Support - Mobile - Project Management Software - Easy Projects
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