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Adopting Easy Projects has never been easier. You can import your data directly into Easy Projects from Excel or MS Project, synchronize with different applications, and use the API to integrate with your existing systems or applications.

Transfer your Data from Microsoft Projects and Excel

Easy Projects software supports imports and exports of data for both MS Project and Excel, saving you valuable time and making it effortless to get started. This also allows you to use both MS Project and Easy Projects together if you so desire, as you can seamlessly transfer project information between the two. Learn more about the difference between Easy Projects and MS Project.

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook

You can easily track projects, assign tasks, and share files through the MS Outlook add-on so that you never have to leave your mail screen. We dislike switching back and forth between windows as much as you do.

Full and Customizable Integration

Our RESTful API allows for hassle-free integration with your choice of desktop or web applications. Your tech team can plugin via HTTP/S and XML/JSON without touching the database or needing to mess with the source code.

Integrate with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Connector for Easy Projects is an easy-to-use application, allowing you to export time entries and other items like customers and employees from Easy Projects to QuickBooks (desktop edition) to facilitate quick and accurate Invoice generation.

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