Why Easy Projects is the best
alternative to Microsoft Project

Easy Projects is an adaptable, enterprise-ready work management platform designed for teams who have outgrown their current tools and processes.

Why so many companies switch from Microsoft Project to Easy Projects

Why so many companies switch from Microsoft Project to Easy Projects?

Sometimes we get asked: “how does Easy Projects compare to MS Project?”

MS Project – is a tool used primarily by a single project manager to plan and track project progress. It needs input from the PM to build a new plan or re-schedule an existing one.

Easy Projects - is a cloud-based solution that relies on and fosters collaboration between all team members. Easy Projects is pro-active based on the real-time status updates from every single project member.

There are some criteria that need to be considered in the comparison:


If we were to list every single feature that MS Project Server offers, the list will definitely be much longer than the one from Easy Projects. That’s ok. It was never our intent to compete on the number of features. We compete on the added value to our clients.

In some cases, Easy Projects might not be a good fit for your organization. For example, if you’re managing a complex construction project (e.g. building a bridge) you’ll be better off with MS Project or specialized construction project management software.

However, if you’re like most of the organizations we worked with over the last 15 years (thousands of small business and Fortune 500 companies), then most likely your team will only ever use 20-30 most useful project management features and tools. The good news – we got most of them. In fact, Easy Projects has more collaborative and business automation tools out of the box than MS Project.


Implementation Time

The typical implementation time for MS Project Server quoted by most consulting companies is 8-12 weeks. Usually this time frame doesn’t include team training. However, it’s not uncommon to encounter 8-12 months implementation schedule.

With Easy Projects you will be up and running in 1-1.5 weeks with your entire team fully trained.

Implementation Time

Team adoption

This is the most critical part of any software implementation. Millions of dollars have been wasted on software packages that became “shelfware” because they were never adopted by the team.

Imagine a t ypical employee: s/he usually has multiple tasks on their hands with a deadline yesterday. The last thing they want is a new tool learning which will become a project in itself. That’s why people hate complicated software.

Easy Projects was built with the employees in mind. We have a special page called “My Assignments” which was designed for rapid adoption and acceptance across the company. On that page employees can see everything they’re responsible for and what is coming down the pipeline.

They can Collaborate with their team mates and project manager, update the status of their assignments or log their time – all on one page. Employees love this page since it takes only 10 minutes to learn and, in most cases, it has everything they need.

Team adoption

Reasons Why our Customers Chose Easy Projects Over MS Project

Importing data from MS Project to Easy Projects

To make the transition to Easy Projects, you can simply import your data and have it mapped out for you in our visual Gantt interface. You can import all of your project related data including projects, tasks and timesheets.

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Importing data from MS Project to Easy Projects
Importing data from MS Project to Easy Projects
Importing data from MS Project to Easy Projects

Leading сompanies сhoose Easy Projects

Leading Engineering сompanies сhoose Easy Projects

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