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Easy Projects is an award-winning enterprise-ready project management
platform designed for teams who have outgrown their current tools and processes.

Why Companies Switch from Microsoft Project
to Easy Projects

Easy Projects is a leader in Project Cost Management on G2

Planning vs. Real-time Collaboration

MS Project is a planning tool usually used exclusively by professional project managers. Once the project plan is created, it is shared with
the end-users and doesn’t normally allow for collaboration or real-time input from all stakeholders. However, if you're managing complex construction projects, like building a bridge or launching a rocket,
MS Project, would be a suitable option for you.

Easy Projects is built to plan and deliver on projects that have
varying complexity levels, anywhere from simple tasks to more
in-depth projects that involve multiple departments. With this in mind, Easy Projects promotes real-time collaboration between Executives, Project Managers, Stakeholders, and all other team members.

Planning vs.Real-time Collaboration
Easy Team Adoption
Easy Projects is a leader in Project Cost Management on G2

Easy Team Adoption

MS Project is a powerful but very complex tool. It requires extensive and costly training to learn and master.

Easy Projects is a modernized version of project management software that is easy to adopt.

Easy Projects unites planning, execution, and reporting into one convenient platform that offers more user-friendly features at
a lower cost. It can be easily adopted by virtually any team:
Professional Services, IT, Marketing, Engineering, or Business Consulting, etc.

With Easy Projects you will be up and running in 1-1.5 weeks with
your entire team fully trained.

First Class Support

MS Project offers a variety of online help resources, however, getting phone support can be problematic.

With Easy Projects, In addition to the online resources
like blogs, video tutorials, and webinars, you can actually speak to real humans by contacting our Customer
Success team who are ready to answer your questions
and offer support.

“Easy Projects has increased our productivity and saved us our most valuable resources, time, and money.

Until this past year, we had relied on Microsoft Project for 100%
of our project management needs.

It was becoming obvious as our project grew that the current system was not a cost-effective or productive solution.

...Easy Projects has been an easy decision for us. We’re spending a quarter of the time and money we needed to invest in our prior systems and we’re seeing twice the results.

Aaron Hamilton MCSA, MCSE, Security+

Director of Information Technologies National Underwriter Company

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Easy Projects comes with built-in Business Intelligence reports
and dashboards, which help users to visualize, analyze, and interpret
data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.

Executives can get a birds-eye view into the progress, duration,
and health of projects in order to minimize risk and meet deadlines.

Simple Import and Export between
MS Project to Easy Projects

With the option to conveniently import and export data back and forth from Microsoft Project and Easy Projects, switching to our software is an easy transition.

Drag to compare
MS Project Gantt Chart
Easy Projects Gantt Chart
MS Project Gantt Chart
Accessible from Any Device

Accessible from Any Device

Unlike MS Project, Easy Projects doesn't need to be installed because it is cloud-based and can be conveniently accessed from any device 24/7.

Easy Projects is a reliable platform with automatic load balancing and can be accessed from any browser or through our iOS/Android app.

Results-driven companies choose Easy Projects

Companies that choose Easy Projects see measurable results, like:

project completion
in productivity
in project duration

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Leading Engineering сompanies сhoose Easy Projects

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