Marketing Project Management Software

Managing a marketing team means juggling 50 different projects at one time, with 50 different deadlines. It also means relying on different members of your team to collaborate on different tasks and having multiple decencies like editing and copywriting. Additionally, there is waiting on other departments like graphics and sales and approval from the legal department – you already called and emailed them, we know. The point is, we get it. We have a sales team of our own, but they use Easy Projects to avoid these project roadblocks and so should you.

Here are 5 easy reasons why…

The Perfect Fit for Marketing and Creative Teams

Manage Work Request Easily

‘Custom Forms’ is a built-in feature of our platform which allows you to design your own work request forms. These forms can be used externally by your clients, or internally by other departments who need you to complete a project for them.

They are simple and extremely quick to create. You can instantly publish them to your intranet, and using a unique URL, they can be transferred to whoever may need them, filled out and submitted, and then converted quickly to a project or task. Additionally, if it is a recurring task, such as a newsletter, the forms can be converted to a template for recurrent content.

All Information for Marketing Projects in One Place

Within each task or project, you have the power of organized, localized collaborative work. With just one click of a button, you can open up any task to send or view a message, request approval on a stage of or the finished project, or even submit a file for review or resource – we even have file versioning. Does it get any more convenient than that?

Keep Every Member of Your Team Accountable

Know who did what and when. Easy Projects offers a complete audit trail log for all actions. No more lost emails, missed calls or he said/she said. Clear assignments, clear progress, clear results.

FREE Access for Your Stakeholders and Clients

Easy Project’s Guest Portal allows your internal or external clients to easily see the status of their requests, provide feedback and approve results.

Collaboration for Local and Remote Teams

Easy Projects simplifies communication within teams sitting in the same room or spread across continents. It’s a single workplace for all files, messages, notes and comments. Everyone is on the same path to success with the ability to freely communicate in a contained, easy way that will not get mixed in with the mess of emails, post-in notes and all those other reminders you keep meaning to get back to.

Marketing Project Management Tools

  • Unlimited projects & tasks
  • Multiple dependencies
  • Unlimited Guest Users
  • Resource Loading Report
  • Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Mobile Version for iPhone, Android
  • Custom Fields
  • Time Tracking
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Enhanced Security
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Custom Forms
  • Dozens of built-in Reports
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Vacation Tracking
  • Team Calendar
  • Project Calendar
  • Report Generator
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Integration with Zapier
  • My Assignments
  • File Sharing
  • File Versioning
  • Collaboration via Messaging
  • Messaging via Email
  • and much more…

…Once implemented, Easy Projects made a positive impact on the department’s workflow. Custom forms was one of the crucial features for the department helping save time and energy. It is used to handle incoming requests from other departments within the university. It is now mandatory that all requests be sent through custom forms that were designed within Easy Projects.

Case Studies from Marketing & Creatives Teams

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Full Implementation and Training

Paired with an experienced Easy Projects Success Coach, you and your team will be provided one-on-one assistance to configure your account, set up your first projects, to import and map your existing data, to train your team, and much more.