Project Management

Manufacturing project managers take ideas and turn them into
tangible products. We know that process is extremely important
when it comes to executing on a project perfectly. Easy Projects
provides manufacturers with a powerful project management
tool that can help you plan out every step you make, and can
be execute quickly to minimize downtime.


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With Easy Projects you can:

  • Visualize timelines and map out complex projects via the Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Predict & manage team workload, equipment and time with our Resource Planner
  • Use Business Intelligence to analyze, visualize and share important information with stakeholders
  • Quickly duplicate successful processes with Project Templates

Why Easy Projects

Interactive Gantt Chart

 Project Planning

Interactive Gantt Chart

We’ve created a flexible Gantt chart that is not only easy to read, but easy to update, too!

The quick drag and drop interface lets you shuffle an unlimited number of tasks and subtasks so that you can organize your project in a way that makes sense to everyone involved. It also highlights dependencies that will be critical throughout your project.

Project Calendar

Task Management

Project Calendar

Manufacturing projects don’t work in a vacuum. In addition to internal deadlines, project managers also have to deal with other pressures such as customer orders, market conditions, production schedules, and manpower availability.

To help with this, Easy Projects has set up a project calendar tool that not only lets you view your own schedule—but also that of other team members.

Anytime you need a thorough picture of the overall schedule, just navigate over to the project calendar.

Resource Management

Online Collaboration

Resource Management

Predictability is the cornerstone of all successful Manufacturing companies. Knowing the resources available to you at any given time is the key to maintaining those standards of reliability.

The Easy Projects Resource Planning feature allows project managers to plan out resources and stay up to date on resource allocation for maximum project efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Resource Management

Business Intelligence

As a manufacturing project manager, you don’t just report to your clients. You’re constantly liaising with executive team members and other stakeholders.

In order to retain their support, you’ll have to produce regular reports on finished work and pending tasks.

With Easy Projects Business Intelligence, you can quickly analyze, visualize and share complex levels of data in no time.

Resource Management Team Communication and File Sharing Effortless Time and Budget Tracking Custom forms

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Switched from MS Project and never looked back! The cloud availability and multi-platform access including mobile. It was super easy to implement across the whole team. Better visibility and team transparency into daily, weekly, monthly goals

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