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Manufacturing projects are too large, complex, and costly to leave to chance. Changing a single aspect of a project could seriously affect plant operations, manpower, product, and even the customer. That’s why Easy Projects was built: to provide manufacturers with a powerful project management tool that can help you plan out every step you make before you take it, so that you can execute manufacturing projects that are methodically planned, but can be executed speedily enough to minimize downtime.

Gantt Chart

Projects often devolve into a tangle of assignments and deadlines, where it can be difficult to define who needs what before the next step can begin. That’s why we’ve set up a flexible Gantt chart that is not only easy to read, but easy to update, too! The quick drag and drop interface lets you shuffle an unlimited (yes, unlimited) number of tasks and subtasks so that you can organize your project in a way that makes sense to everyone involved.

Easy Projects Chart

Project Calendar

Manufacturing projects don’t work in a vacuum. In addition to internal deadlines, project managers also have to deal with other pressures such as customer orders, market conditions, production schedules, and manpower availability. To help with this, Easy Projects has set up a project calendar tool that not only lets you view your own schedule—but also that of other team members. And if you want a truly thorough picture of the overall schedule, you can view all your team members’ calendars at once!

Easy Projects Calendar


Manufacturing project managers don’t just answer to clients—they answer to high-level executives, directors, and vice-presidents who are very concerned about how the project is going and how much time is left before production can get back up to speed. In order to retain management support, you’ll have to produce regular reports on finished work and pending tasks. This is where Easy Projects’ powerful report generator comes in. You can pick from a selection of pre-made reports, or create a custom report of your own.

Easy Projects Report


If your organization is already using MS Project or MS Outlook to coordinate projects, don’t worry! Easy Projects easily integrates with both programs and allows you to run your project in multiple ways. Also, you can track projects, assign tasks, and share files through the MS Outlook add-on, which means you don’t have to change the way you work in order to keep your team updated!

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