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Kanban Board

With just one click, any project can be viewed as a Kanban Board. Get full, real-time visibility into every moving part of the project. See who is working on which task and what stage of production each task is in at any given time. The board is fully customizable and teams can select the view that best suits their step-by-step workflow.

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Intuitive Drag n’ Drop

Each card (task) on a Kanban board gets worked on based on stage of production (column). Assignees can complete their work, drag the task out of their completed stage and drop it into the next one, automatically notifying all attendees of the updated task status.

No extra work or effort. Just work on a card and drag n’ drop it along the board, notifying your team that the next person in line can begin. Think of it like a well-oiled machine or assembly line. Smooth, streamline workflow.

What’s more, the drag n’ drop capabilities also work for priority setting. Drag tasks higher or lower in a column to immediately indicate their level of priority to your team.

 Resource Tracking

Resource Tracking

The Kanban Board makes tracking, assigning and reinforcing resources a piece of cake. Since work is displayed visually, it is easy to see holdups and “bottlenecks” in production.

If one column on the board is clearly more overpopulated with tasks than the others, there is an obvious need for additional resources in this stage of production. Not to mention, project managers or team leaders can, at-a-glance, see what each member of their team is working on at any given time.


With Kanban, every member of a team can take one look at the board and know exactly which tasks they have coming up based on priority, and stage of production. This promotes self-management and organization. The entire system is automated so that a task cannot be pulled into production if it is a dependency of another task that is not complete. Meaning, only those tasks that can and should be worked on “now” will be displayed. As soon as a task is completed, it’s dependencies are able to be worked on.



Satisfy every member of your team based on their preferred work style. Even if an entire team works with a waterfall project management methodology, one – or a few – members who prefer Lean or Agile methods can use Kanban without disrupting or affecting anyone else’s workflow. You can even switch back and forth from the Gantt Chart to Kanban to your My Assignments
to-do list with zero effect on production.

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