Easy Projects Helps Achieve Better Project Management in Higher Education

Higher Education Project Management Software

Higher education project management can be very different from regular business projects. It involves unique issues like student recruitment, community oversight, and accreditation. Most project managers and project management solutions are not built to handle this kind of specialized need.Fortunately, Easy Projects can. Here are just a few of the powerful features we provide to higher education project managers:

Resource Tracking. Educational institutions are always working under tight budget constraints and with limited resources. Thanks to our powerful resource tracking module, institutions can now operate with a much higher degree of efficiency.

Collaboration. Some projects need people to work together from different locations, whether it’s across the campus or across the country. Easy Projects facilitates this with video conferencing, message boards, and file sharing tools.

Time Tracking. Easy Projects’ accurate time tracking tools let higher education project managers account for every dollar spent on a project. This is great news for managers that have to justify project expenditure to public review boards and school officials.

Client Management. Higher education projects are subject to a lot of oversight from councils and boards. That’s why Easy Projects gives project managers the ability to keep them in the loop. Show them project progress and allow them to give live feedback.

In addition to the above, our web-based project management solution is easy on academic IT infrastructure and reduces administrative costs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Easy Projects can help you run smoother higher education projects, take advantage of our 15-day free demo.

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