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Project Management in Higher Education

Higher education project management can be very different from regular business projects.
It involves unique issues like student recruitment, community oversight, and accreditation.

Most project management solutions are not built to handle this
kind of specialized need. Fortunately, Easy Projects is!

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Here are just a few things we can do
for higher education project managers:

  • Effectively track people, budget and time with Resource Tracking
  • Collaborate on any project or task by sharing messages and files
  • Accept and manage work requests within a single platform
  • Keep your stakeholders up to date via the handy Client Portal
The kanban view and the ability to create repeatable task templates are fantastic! Our department handles graphics, web, & communication projects for every department in the college. Easy projects allows us to easy traffic, complete, & report efficiencies for each of our departments in one system.

Why Easy Projects?

Resource Management

Resource Management

Educational institutions are always working under tight budget constraints and with limited resources.

Thanks to our powerful resource tracking module, institutions can now operate with a much higher degree of efficiency.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Some projects need people to work together from different locations, whether it’s across the campus or across the country.

Sharing information is a breeze thanks to our user-friendly file sharing and communication tools.

Make relevant documentation easily available by uploading it to Easy Projects. Discuss project issues and share ideas on project-specific message boards.

Work Request Management

Work Request Management

As a project manager working in higher education, you’re probably bombarded with task and project requests via email, in-person meetings and of course, unsolicited sticky notes.

With Easy Projects work requests, you’ll be able to create your own custom form and share it with all departments.

When they need something, they can fill out the form and submit it to you. Then, you can convert the request into a task of project. You’ll get the information you need and nothing will slip through the cracks.

We use EasyProjects to work between marketing and other departments. I really appreciate how easy it is to use as non-marketing office user.
We are able to best collaborate across departments to quickly online and work efficiently to meet goals.
Client Management

Client Management

Higher education projects are subject to a lot of oversight from councils and boards.

That’s why Easy Projects gives project managers the ability to keep them in the loop with the Guest Portal.

Show them project progress and allow them to give feedback in real-time.

Once implemented, Easy Projects made a positive impact on the department’s workflow. Custom forms was one of the crucial features for the department helping save time and energy. It is used to handle incoming requests from other departments within the university. It is now mandatory that all requests be sent through custom forms that were designed within Easy Projects.

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