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Welcome to Easy Projects Help Center!
Below you’ll find a wealth of resources that our team has put together for you.

Getting Started

5-min Introduction control_play
Quick Start: My Assignmentspdf
Quick Start: Personal Menu pdf
How to plan a project – 5 easy Steps
How to use Contextual Menus control_play
How to Add/Invite Users control_play
How to Import from CSV control_play


Using Easy Projects

Projects & Activities

Creating Projects & Activities control_play
Activity Center: Editing control_play
Activity Details page overview


Activity Center: Colors control_play
Setting-up email notifications control_play
Import projects from CSV


Best Practices

How to deal with on-going projects?
Why use estimated hours?
What are milestones for?
What are Portfolios for?
How to plan your project backwards from a deadline?
eBook: Fast track guide for Accidental Project Managers pdf
What is Project Scope?
Top 3 tips to break out of Catch-22
Why would we use Parent/Child Activities?

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