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Being involved in the field of healthcare is extremely important and rewarding work.
As a project manager in healthcare, it’s your job to ensure that projects are finished
on time, on budget and with all sensitive information kept as secure as possible.

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Here’s how Easy Projects can help
you achieve your goals:

  • Keep confidential information safe with enhanced security settings
  • Visualize timelines and map out complex projects via the
    Interactive Gantt Chart
  • Reduce Admin workload by centralizing all documents and team collaboration within a single platform
  • Keep External Stakeholders in the Loop with Secure
    Guest Access Accounts
By far the best part of Easy Projects is its extensibility. You can pretty much get it to do whatever you want, regardless of how your process works. We use Easy Projects to manage the flow of some of our projects, as well as track time for all our projects.

Why Easy Projects?

Guest Portal

Guest Portal

Stakeholders can view and track the progress of project tasks through our built-in Guest Portal feature.

They will also be able to submit issues and requests, which will automatically be assigned to the correct team member.

Interactive Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt Chart

When coordinating the schedules of various stakeholders such as the government, legal teams and vendors, it’s useful to have a visual representation of all the requirements and when they’re going to be due.

Easy Projects’ Interactive Gantt Chart allows for simple drag-and-drop functionality, giving you a clear view of the critical path in real-time.



Sharing information is a breeze thanks to our user-friendly file sharing and communication tools.

Make relevant documentation easily available by uploading it to the Easy Projects, and discuss project issues and share ideas on project-specific message boards.

It's user friendly and is a great place to store all pieces related to the creative projects.
We are gaining a better timeline and are working more efficiently than our old software. It's also quick and easy to respond, which keeps communication lines open.
Security & Permissions

Security & Permissions

Health-related information is private, highly sensitive data. That’s why we give project managers the ability to restrict user levels so that only the right people have access to sensitive information. This includes project or task details, files, and online discussions.

Learn more about how Easy Projects can help the healthcare sector properly manage resources and drive innovation to improve patients’ health and lifestyles.

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“Easy Projects is now used by 200 licensed users at the Sanford IT department, with nearly 200 projects in progress at any given time.”

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