Healthcare Project Management Software

How to organize stakeholders?

With Easy Projects, health care project managers now have a powerful tool for collaborating with stakeholders and keeping them abreast of the latest project developments. Some of Easy Projects’ advanced features include:

Guest Portal

Stakeholders can view and track the progress of project tasks through our built-in Guest Portal feature. They will also be able to submit issues and requests, which will automatically be assigned to the correct team member.

Online Collaboration

Keep updated with healthcare providers and producers from various locations via state-of-the-art communication protocols such as tele-conferencing, online chat, and screen sharing. Get feedback on vital project issues quickly and efficiently.


Sharing information is a breeze thanks to our user-friendly file sharing and communication tools. Make relevant medical documentation easily available by uploading it to the Easy Projects client, and discuss project issues and share ideas on project-specific message boards.


Medical information is private, highly secure data. That’s why we give project managers the ability to restrict user levels so that only the right people have access to sensitive information. This includes project progress, files, and online discussions.

Easy Projects is an excellent single-platform solution that both facilitates collaboration and communication between stakeholders and organizes project teams for maximum efficiency.

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