Resource Management Guide

What is Resource Management?

Managing a team is one of the most complex and challenging aspects of the working world. Successful team management often comes from having the right leadership skills and the right tools to help engage your team.

This guide will teach you to properly manage your “people” resource in a way that will save time and money. We’ll’ cover the ins and outs of selecting the right team members, how to manage your team’s progress, and how to analyzing/track resource allocation to make your team more accountable.

Resource management means organizing the necessary resources to complete work in a way that costs the least amount of money, takes the least amount of time, and produces the best possible outcome. Effective team management is the difference between success and failure.

Resource Management Gone Wrong

Here’s what Resource Management went wrong looks like:

  • Your team does not have enough work;
  • your team has too much work;
  • your team has no idea what the priorities are;
  • your team has schedule overlaps with other projects;
  • you’ve picked the wrong team members for your project;
  • you don’t have accurate information on the actual time spent on each project or task;
  • you have no clear visibility into the progress of your project;
  • or your project or team is late or over budget.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when resources are not managed well. To make your project a success, you need to plan and plan well.